Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ms.Howard New Student Services

Rory Grant Wingate '16

One of the new additions to the Hopkins staff is the new students services counselor, Ms. Tina Howard. She's been working with students and in education for over 20 years. Her goal at Hopkins is to support students and staff socially and emotionally. She's here to help with things such as anxiety, stress, depression, and anything that's interfering with school.

Ms.Howard grew up moving and going to school across the country, from New Mexico toto right here in Massachusetts. Growing up she had many English teachers have a strong influence on her. Then she went to college in Westly in Middleton. She started out as teacher but found her favorite part of the job was listening and counseling the students. She then went back to school right across the bridge at Smith College to become a counselor. Now she's a counselor here at Hopkins. When she's not also a consultant at Hartsbrook or consulting as a psychotherapist, she's home with her family: her husband who also works at schools as a teacher and her two teenage kids.

Her view on young adults is something teens don't hear very often. She likes the way teens see the world. How they remind adults what's really important and inspire adults to keep working. She also likes the energy and creativity of young people.

As soon as she arrived, she says she could sense a special kind of culture at Hopkins, and she wants to get to know it. When coming here she loved the intimate size of this school and the familiarity everyone had with one another. While she's here she'd love to have people invite her to events and meetings, wanting to learn about the special culture at Hopkins. She's quite happy to be here and wants everyone to feel welcome to come introduce themselves to her.
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