Sunday, November 10, 2013

Modern bathroom faucets for your home

Do you want your bathroom to look functional and very modern at the same time? Maybe it';s too much change all the tiles , but believe me with a new faucet can find the options you needed to do. Only a matter of a little break away from the traditional and look for new options.


When we talk about minimalism should think in amonochrome , with minimum possible elements . If you';re a neat person, sure this style will go with you.

In the case of faucets, the trends are towards the minimalist side, nothing too heavy , unlike, simple and elegant is what they have in common. To give you an example look at this faucet. You ever thinking of having something in your bathroom? If you notice, the idea is to have the feeling of a waterfall to see how water flows.

Still not quite convinced? Watch this tap designed for bath.One could almost say it is a sort of modern sculpture .Be imposed in a very elegant.


The great thing about these styles is that designers have also thought that we are sometimes very busy people who need the highest level of functionality and practicality. So, you will find that as you use work like taps also to place objects bathroom. Save space while still having style!

With this model you can do exactly the same, use the top to place you need to have on hand in the sink.

What do you think of this modular design can accommodate you on a space? In this case as it is horizontally also serves to place the towels.


Many of the delights you';ll find it comes to fitting in these days has to do with melting glass and chromemodels that simply leave us speechless and being transparent going well in any bathroom. That, of course, added to the technology. This model, to give you an example, includes lights LED that will indicate the water temperature (goodbye to burns).

With this signature design Hansamurano, you may wonder where is the trick to get out the water. And besides design and is designed to operate with sensors on the glass disk (fully technology to our service as you see) that detect immediately when you approach the water flows.

Did you like it as much as me? Maybe they prefer in theircolor version .

Just forget about the conventions. This model resembles a fountain , so that there would be no problem to find a flower on it. Purity and total elegance!


You may think that the gold and spent a little fashion bath accessories, but with this model you will notice that it is actually quite chic in precise design. I liked this, especially for its resemblance to the classical model of a tap, but with simplified lines.

This model seems almost a jewel instead of a tapEye!, details redonditos you see in the handles are madeof glass.

As you noticed simplicity, distinction and functionalitycome together in the modern designs of taps for your bathroom look totally perfect. All you have to do is pick the one that goes with you and your space.

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