Saturday, November 16, 2013

Maxine Salon's 8 Steps to Replicate Rodarte's Rose Hairstyle

Image courtesy David X Prutting

Hands down, our favorite hairstyle to trot down the FALL 2013 runways was this rose-inpsired style at Rodarte (the romance!) We were desperate to track down a local salon that could replicate the look, and we finally found what we were looking for: MAXINE SALON will do the job.

Not only that, but the well-coiffed team was willing to share the steps to creating the flowery look. Take a peek at the steps, below, and if you're less of a D.I.Y. type than an appointment-maker, call the salon and tell them you want to have a stylist create the look. It will cost $70, and stylists to ask for (i.e. Rodarte rose masters) include Amy, Ramona, or Cliff.

Maxine Salon [Official Site]
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