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March, 2002. Beans with Pecorino Salad. Pottering around in The Archives

I still make this salad in the warmer weather. Use fresh pecorino if you can get it, or the drier variety otherwise. Quite different textures, both are good. I make it primarily with green beans, but fresh young berlotti are also good.

As you know from reading this blog's sister site, I have been blogging FOREVER! The time has come to record many of these old recipes here on and . It is 17 years since I began blogging and 6 years since A (Life) Time of Cooking came into being. As part of those celebrations, DURING THE NEXT FEW MONTHS I am reblogging some of those recipes from 1996 - 2005. They are no longer in existence in the blogosphere, except , perhaps, where copied .. The recipe that appears below is exactly how it appeared when it first appeared on that blog long ago, along with the comments from that time.


This is one of those incredible taste combinations that surprises you and you can't stop eating it! I love it with stick beans and fresh pecorino from Mil Lel or La Casa Del. Great for a lunch on a hot Sunday., drinking iced tea.

1 kg beans (broad, Berlotti, stick, butter or other, young and tender)

good drizzle great olive oil

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

100 g finely grated pecorino (fresh, if possible - if using fresh just use strips or small slices of the cheese)

Take the beans and tear into 1 - 1.5 cm lengths, shelling those pods with beans sufficiently developed to shell. Place in a bowl and, if the beans are not as tender as you would like, pour over boiling water and leave 1 or 2 minutes then drain and dry.

With the beans in a serving bowl, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with the sea salt and black pepper. Toss through most of the pecorino, sprinkle the remainder on top and serve as an entr e or a salad.




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