Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lesson 4 Assignment 3

* Do you own a pet?If so, tell us about your pet.If not, why not?

I do own pets I have had pets since the day I was born. They have always been so super important in my life. I currently have 4 dogs, they are my siblings. I have no brothers or sisters so they are mine, my pets are so important to my whole family they sit with us and sleep with us. We don't limit them from the furniture because they live here too and even if visitors do like them it doesn't matter you come to our house they are here that's just kind of how it works. We have the whole family, the mother, the father, and the two sons. The whole family was there when the two boys were born so they really are family just like I am.

* What restrictions do you have on your diet?What kinds of animals do you eat, and what kinds of animals would you NEVER consider eating? Why not?

I have no restrictions on my diet at least none that I choose, allergies have a different plan of their own however I eat meat. I eat animal products and truly couldn't go without drinking milk ever. I love meat and a good burger cooked rare is the best thing a girl can devour. I eat all sorts of meat, turkey, chicken, cow, fish all of the above. The only animal I don't like to eat is pig. It mainly because I really detest the flavor in all sorts including bacon. These are the animals I would eat because I think we are brought up that these are bred to be food. That is why in America we eat meat like this. I think because of the fact that it is considered a taboo in America to eat what we consider pets that I would never ever eat something like dog or cat, but if you go to China and Japan they do eat things like this. I think this is based on societal decisions and not so much the taste of animals.

* What are some other relationships you have to animals around you?

I spend a lot of time around horses too, this is because my boyfriend lives in the middle of no where Connecticut and has a lot of horses around him so I get to see them a lot. As well because of where he lives there is a ton of wildlife I can't drive to his house after a late night at work without seeing a least one deer and if I only see one that is a rarity. I love seeing wildlife it is why I go to the zoo so often I really enjoy the serene feel that animals give me.

* Considering your answers to above three questions, whatdo they say about you as a person? How would you formulate your moral viewpoint towards other creatures in a sentence or two?

I think they say that I really do follow standards about animals that have been set for us from future generations. I also think it shows that I have a good relationship with animals and they have a huge part in my life they are always well represented and in my opinion I would like to think that I respect theme as much as they do me.
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