Saturday, November 9, 2013

Last week as a part of my CAS activities , I have made great progress with my fitness club and achieved one of my primary objectives with Urho. With my help and his great effort , he reached 7 reps on the bench press while using 60 kg. This CAS activity consisted of service and creativity since i helped Urho push out his last two reps while I was spotting him and created a new drop set system through which he will be able to maximize his strength gains.

Not to forget , last week was a busy CAS week as we have also been actively analyzing the outcome of the International Day. Dispite the fact that I was absent for it, I did contribute in its initial organization process since i worked with Cveta Gotovac and Mia Hrkovic on activities that our group which was representing the Balkans will be responsible for. As an overall conclusion , International Day went great , since many people appeared and had great compliments on the food and the activities. However , our objective for the next years International Day will be to increase the attendance of children and make a larger variety of food since these were the two main complaints. We will do this by trying to make International Day completely compulsory and by trying to disallow more than to two people to bring the same type of food.

Finally , the next big CAS project will most likely be Winter Day. I will make sure that i fullfill my team working and creativity criteria for CAS during this event. I will make sure that while co-operating with other students design a Winter Day with the highest student attendance in BIS 3 history.
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