Sunday, November 10, 2013

Is Invisalign(R) the Ideal braces for you?

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Invisalign(R) is more popular than ever

Anyone who has ever research the latest alternatives to traditional metal braces has surely heard of Invisalign(R). The question is, how can you be sure that it is the best option for you? Invisalign clear aligners offers some excellent advantages because it is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for gaining a straight in a fast, effective, hygienically, and much more comfortably than the traditional metal braces.

More than just appearance

Many people are not aware that crooked teeth are more than a cosmetic problem. Studies show that properly aligned teeth provides overall health benefits as well. There is no debate over the fact that straighter teeth are more attractive, but there are actual physical problems that are associated with misaligned teeth. The most common cause of misaligned teeth is that there is some type of malformation of the jaw. The teeth can also be shifted out of position because some people have an extra set of teeth which, once they start to erupt, push the existing teeth into an odd position.

Invisalign dentist in Milford and West Haven, CT

as an alternative method of orthodontic treatment is making old-fashioned braces seem like a thing of the past. The best way to determine if they are the right option for you is to consult with your local cosmetic dentist that is a certified Invisalign dentist.

If you dream about having a smile full of brilliant white and straight teeth, but you just cannot imagine yourself wearing traditional metal braces; You should consult with a dentist at Shoreline Dental Care in West Haven and Milford CT. Call their office today to make your dreams come true with Invisalign clear adult .
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