Friday, November 15, 2013

Interactive Robotic Artists

I find myself thinking quite a bit about doing interactive art.I'm hesitant about going down this path, not too sure why (maybe a lack of confidence in my competence or no particular project idea yet).Nonetheless, I'm really interested in the art form. So, here are a few artists I've been looking at and learning from. I expand on some specific projects of theirs, but in general they are great artists and I enjoy all of their work and ideas.

(List will most likely grow and be expanded upon)

Matthew Gardiner-


The link is an explanatory video of his Oribotic creations. I'm highly intrigued by his ideas and reasoning behind his work.

Ken RInaldo-

Dis-M-Body (1995) in collaboration with Amy Youngs

Dis-M-Body is a multisensory, interactive installation exploring the disembodied nature of information and messages as they dislocate and fracture one's sense of self, while simultaneously expanding one's sense of connection. Our sense of self is no longer created through direct experiences but instead through mediated and simulated experience. Fictive fluid worlds. Our senses continue to extend far beyond the physical limits of our bodies; virtual spaces and ideas are brought to us not by our fingers, ears or eyes but by video cameras, satellites, and digital wires. It is difficult to know where the individual body begins and our extended senses end.

Jennifer Hall-

Hall has work which I enjoy, like The Tipping Point: Health Narratives from the South End. This project is posited around health narratives from artists living in the South End neighborhood of Boston become content for building an interactive sculptural installation. The complex relationships between body, health, self, and community are examined from a combined anthropological and artistic perspective.

However, I Really enjoy her scholarly articles! She investigates and elaborates on some really interesting and relevant ideas to what has been on my mind. I look forward to delving into them and digesting the information more.

Yves Amu Klein-

Octofungi is an interactive sculpture that exhibits simple reflexive autonomous behavior, learns its surroundings and interacts with them.

Several ideas are being addressed in this sculpture. At an aesthetic level it is about the duality of symmetry and asymmetry where both condition can exist in one piece. This phenomenon can be seen all around us in nature but also is deeply rooted in the law of physics of our universe as well as in all forms of life.

The idea of symbiosis and our endangerment by ignoring its importance in the wellbeing of our world, and ultimately our own existence. Octofungi meaning Octopus and fungi or mushroom, represents the interdependence between species in our world, and as we deplete our environment we are weakening our chance of survival in the long term. It is about behavior, and how it is possible to emulate living behaviors with electronics and simple neural networks, and ponder on what defines life. What differentiates living matter from inanimate matter. It explores the principle of emergence and how the combined efforts of multiple simple systems can result in behaviors not seen individually.

Personal related note: Perhaps this draw towards interactive work is starting to stem from focus on the importance of connectedness. I've always thought of myself as empathetically in-tuned and I'm becoming more aware of nurturing my compassion and love for others. I don't want my art create a dead separation between viewer and art. I'm ok with calling attention to separation though, especially rifts which occur in social/spiritual/ecological interactions. In fact, I hope to make that my focus.
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