Thursday, November 14, 2013

Information control

THE SUREST SIGN THAT INTELLIGENT LIFE EXISTS ELSEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE IS THAT IT HAS NEVER TRIED TO CONTACT US. The amount of programming out there in the cable and satellite world is truly mind boggling.It is even more so when you have 500 channels available and nothing to watch.I watch the 'wars' for your dollar all the time.Thank goodness I cannot get COX because I would never use it because of the annoying commercials.ANOYAYAYING I see all the hype of DIRECT TV and hear from their listeners about the horror stories of being their customer.I have DISH and keep getting told about how cheap it is and how much choice I have.Ya Right. I read that many viewers are boycotting their service for carrying the Al Jezzera Network.There was a lot of talk about the network being sold by our former Vice President to the Qatar owned company.It was reported he turned down a bid from Glenn Beck in favor of the Muslim owned buyer. Many were saying that all kinds of sanctions or consequences be taken for the carriers who picked them up.That was not the right way to protest under our system.However the viewers taking actions to take the network off the air is the right way of doing it. The carriers of programing are supposed to be smart operators and turn a legitimate profit.That is why I am wondering how they can run such massive amounts of junk and limit quality networks. Since I have DISH I have repeatedly tried to get BLUE HIGHWAYS TV added to the family line up.As yet it has not made it.The new Family network has been buried into a bunch of infomerical sites that most people bypass.What a shame that when there is a nugget of good clean programing it is put where it will have a hard time making it. Some of the reality TV is a silly relief from a lot of junk but seriously the format is being overdone.(Pregnant and Dating) really!I wrote a format for a reality TV program but could not get through the front door because it involved intelligent people.I have other TV proposals but have not found that 'back door' that you need to find to get an airing of the concepts. It is evident that there is a lot out there that is just a distraction from things that really are important.It is more important how the Kardashians are doing than how Washington is mortgaging our kids future and tearing down the Constitution. The airwaves were traditionally free to the people until technology figured out how a few people can control everything and charge you for it.When was the last time you really ever saw or heard a truly local owned independent radio or TV station? Many are counting on you being too stupid to seek out the truth on many things.It is up to you to prove them wrong.It is also up to you to remove ALL the rulers on capital hill who know you are stupid.
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