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HP Tablet PC tc4200 ( PV984AW#ABA )



* Intel Pentium M Proc.

* 1.86GHz, 512MB, 60GB

* 12.1 XGA, XP Tablet


Tablet-style notebooks are distinct from regular notebooks in two essential areas. First, they're constructed for portability, featuring super-slim profiles and lightweight style and building. A lot more importantly, they offer customers an option strategy for inputting information. Those who favor classic information entry can take advantage of the integrated keyboard, whilst users who'd rather "handwrite" through digital ink can simply use the enclosed stylus to freehand sketch their concepts on the double-duty show screen. The HP Compaq tc4200 (PV984AW#ABA) Tablet Computer is an very sophisticated model, providing more energy and much more storage space than most competing units and adequate 3D functionality to boot. It is not low-cost, it isn't really as compact as some tablets, and, like its competitors, it eschews a CD/DVD drive for the sake of size and portability. But the tc4200 (PV984AW#ABA) is just about as proficient a tablet that currently exists in the customer marketplace.


At the heart of any pc lies the CPU (or processor), a huge collection of miniature transistors that governs the speed and energy of the complete unit. Some of today's notebooks are equipped with high-end CPU's on par with those discovered in best-of-the-line desktop PCs, whilst other people are rapid adequate only for standard duties such as word processing, email and the like. In contrast to numerous tablets, the tc4200 (PV984AW#ABA) does not opt for a super-low voltage, low power CPU. It rather brandishes an Intel Pentium M 750 running at 1.86 GHz. Whilst not exactly as potent as a higher-speed Pentium four, the Pentium M line of processors is nonetheless a step up on common tablet fare. What's a lot more, this CPU is a single of the revamped Pentium M models with two full MB of Level two cache for even more quickly access to your most vital info. Although the method is not advisable for these ultra-demanding applications you generally reserve for your desktop, it will simply manage typical (and not so standard) mobile tasks. That's not some thing that can be mentioned for several tablets.


Computer systems typically shop info on their hard drive, but they also keep frequently and recently accessed data in Random Access Memory (RAM) for faster retrieval. A lot more RAM implies much more effective computing, superior multitasking and significantly less strain on your difficult drive. The tc4200 (PV984AW#ABA) is equipped with a surprisingly beefy 512 MB of fast 400 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. This is the exact same quantity of RAM you are going to find in numerous of today's much bigger notebooks, and it's more than sufficient for efficient multitasking or operating complex applications without experiencing periods of sluggishness. Additionally, users can upgrade to the system's 2048 MB maximum.


CPU's are usually so busy undertaking standard calculations that they need to have assist translating visual output to the viewing screen. This is the duty of the graphics card (or graphics controller), the best of which incorporate "committed" built-in video memory rather than relying on "shared" portions of the system's useful major memory. This system boasts an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900. Even though not a controller with committed memory, it allocates more technique memory than do most "shared memory" controllers and for that reason greater handles complicated 3D photos. 3D graphics performance this robust is a rarity in the planet of tablet PCs, nonetheless the system can't be regarded a true gaming or 3D animation machine.


One thing you just won't find in the miniature planet of tablets is a large display screen. The tc4200 (PV984AW#ABA) sports a 12.1-inch XGA show with sparkle-totally free glass, an ambient light sensor to optimize panel brightness, a wide viewing angle to let you to far better see your perform when you're not poised perfectly in front of the unit, and a extremely detailed 1024 by 768 maximum resolution.


A tablet with a 60 GB tough drive is not some thing you see every day. But that is precisely what you will get with the tc4200 (PV984AW#ABA). This level of information storage is quite adequate for a full complement of typical mobile applications and files and even a library of space-hogging multimedia files.


An optical drive is vital in today's computing environment. A "CD-ROM" drive permits you to set up CD-primarily based applications and play music CDs. A "CD-RW" drive adds CD "burning", so you can also backup your important files to extended-lasting discs and produce customized music CDs. With a DVD-ROM drive you can watch DVD motion pictures. And with a DVD-RW drive, you can "create" residence movies to durable discs and archive files to DVD (DVDs boast far more than seven times the storage capacity of a CD). Most drives enable you to do a combination of all of these tasks. In order to sustain its portability and diminutive size, this program does not include an optical drive. However, it simply accepts external drives through 1 of its spare ports.


The unit is equipped with an integrated mono speaker and a 16-bit Sound Blaster Pro-compatible audio card for superior sound than many tablets provide. External volume controls and mute buttons add further comfort.


You can either use the enclosed stylus to enter information the "old-fashioned" way by writing upon the unit's foldable display, or tap in your input by means of the complete-size keyboard.


The tc4200 (PV984AW#ABA) sports a solid array of connections. Communication facilities consist of a super-high-speed ten/100/1000 gigabit Ethernet interface for fast Web surfing and email gathering, a standard 56K modem for low-speed dial-up connectivity, and Intel 802.11b/g wireless technology for cord-free on-line access in either Wireless-B or the a lot more rapidly Wireless-G requirements. Other key amenities include a trio of rapidly USB 2. ports for plug and play devices such as external drives and digital cameras, an S-Video out for high good quality digital video feeds, and quick infrared for wireless communication with infrared-equipped peripherals. An IEEE 1394 FireWire port (commonly used for fast information streaming from digital camcorders) is not portion of the package.


The bundled software program package is headed by Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 operating system. Other applications incorporate Microsoft Reader for Tablet Computer, Sonic RecordNow! (for optional optical drives), and a variety of security and operational utilities.


Numerous of today's most potent notebooks are also the largest, weighing ten or twelve lbs or much more and definitely also massive and cumbersome for substantial, continuous traveling. These are typically referred to as "desktop replacements". On the other extreme are "thin and lights" or "ultra-portables", super-miniaturized units that are usually significantly less strong than their larger brethren but weigh as tiny as two lbs and will usually fit comfortably inside a huge purse. Bigger than some tablets, the tc4200 (PV984AW#ABA) is nevertheless more compact than most notebooks at just 11.22 by 9.25 by 1.35 inches and a wispy 4.6 lbs.


Powering the tc4200 (PV984AW#ABA) is a high capacity six-cell Lithium-Ion battery.

1.Press "Del" or "F2or "F10on your keyboard to enter BIOS. 2.Utilizing the arrow keys on your keyboard, navigate to the "Advanced Chipset Functions" or some s



I installed Sims3 and it wouldn't let me play because my video card doesn't help it.

I have a NVIDIA GeForce2 Integrated GPU video card, and Im operating on a Computer with Windows XP.


Answer by teandbikkies

You can not allocate ram to to your video card. The card itself may possibly not be in a position to play that game. Also you may possibly not have enough ram. How considerably ram do u have?

Might have to take into account upgrading the card.

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