Sunday, November 17, 2013

How fit would you like to be? Set a 21-day goal at CrossFit Odyssey on Sunday

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How fit would you like to be? Set a 21-day goal at CrossFit Odyssey on Sunday

Well, now that we've reached November, we can at least contemplate the thought of the holidays (though Christmas decorations went up long ago). To that end, the folks at Cross Fit Odyssey and Odyssey Martial Arts are thinking of the No. 1 must-have gift ...

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China to end use of prisoners' organs for transplants in mid-2014 - Reuters


The supply of human organs falls far short of DEMAND in China due in part to a traditional belief that bodies should be buried or cremated intact. An estimated 300,000 patients are wait-listed every year for organ transplants, and only about one in 30 ...

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The real meaning behind bodybuilding - The Phuket News


PHUKET: BODYBUILDING - what does the word actually mean? It takes many years to sculpt a fine physique, it certainly does not happen overnight. It's years of training, dedication, eating the correct foods and taking the proper supplements to achieve ...

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Moore 'finding spirituality' in India - Belfast Telegraph


Moore 'finding SPIRITUALITY' in India. Comments. Email; Print; Font Size. Demi Moore. 01 November 2013. Demi Moore is reportedly attending a life conference in India where the Dalai Lama is expected to speak. Also in this Section. Longoria lands new ...

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Spirituality: We all deserve caring touch - Marion Star


In the fall of 1990, my ministry career transitioned from parish pastor to hospital chaplain, all by way of an internship at University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. My one-year training involved multiple calls from the emergency ...

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Columnist: Youth strength training has many positives - Walla Walla Union-Bulletin


Improvements in muscular fitness, body composition, enhanced sports performance, injury prevention, as well as improved self-esteem and socialization skills are all benefits youths get from youth participating in RESISTANCE TRAINING exercise routines ...


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The Key To Athletic Weight Loss - Triathlete Europe


This deficit is sufficient to yield fairly quick weight loss, but it would be too large within the race-focused training process, when you need your diet to support heavy training for an upcoming race. STRENGTH TRAINING A quick start is also a good ...

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10 Tips For Self-Publishing A Multi-Author Anthology - Chicago Tribune


SELF-PUBLISHING doesn't just make it easier to publish your own work, it also facilitates the publishing of anthologies, whether a collection of short stories or non-fiction essays. This year I put together an anthology of non-fiction writing for Ada ...
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