Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' preview: Porsha Stewart's separation confessions

We can't imagine right now that there are many people " who are going to be starting this season off in a worse position than Porsha Stewart. After all, just remember where she was at the end of last season, seemingly-happy and talking about her marriage with Kordell. However, the start of this season is going to be all about the shock and emotion that she is going through now that the two parties are separated.

The video below shows Porsha returning home from a meeting with lawyers and Kordell, where it was tough to hear some of the explanations from him about what he did to her during the marriage. While she at least found some sort of relief in the honesty that he gave when it came to locking her out of the house, she claims that when it came to the subject of why she actually was being divorced, there was no clear explanation given.

Of course, at this moment Porsha's family rallies behind her as she starts to tear up, and of course she would not have it any other way and the family is doing the right thing. Is this what was really going on? For the time being we have to trust at least some of what Porsha is saying, since it is the only source that we have. Kordell could of course come forward and tell his side of the story, as well, but the thing about a reality show is that it's a platform. While Porsha may not want to air all of her dirty laundry for millions to hear, these cameras are always there to capture it.

What do you think about what Porsha is saying here, or do you have a hard time hearing what is basically just one side of the story? There is a little more in the way of lighthearted drama also taking place in this episode, and you can find out some more about that . We'll have a full review of Sunday's premiere up after it airs.
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