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"Sleepy Hollow": New Clips, Some Katrina Theories Based on "The Sin Eater" Clip, and Antichrist Talk

Goodness gracious! There's just so much Sleepy Hollow news coming at one time, it seems! Or, it could just be me staying on Tumblr, reading people's notes (I do like reading notes; I wish people left more of them more often). Anyway, there's a ton of stuff to go over, so let's just dive into it.


Tumblr exploded and fangasmed everywhere with the baseball/Katrina's creepy house clip, but there was also more stuff to fangasm over, such as the new "runes" revealed on the Welcome to the Sleepy Hollow site and at Sleepy Hollow's YouTube page. The YouTube video gives you even more Ichabbie feels to go with the baseball Ichabbie feels. Does it feel like their chemistry (the buzzword of the "Sleepy Hollow" fanbase) is ramping up ten-fold with each episode? Aren't we in the first season? Aren't we just on the sixth episode?

Check it:

(For the runes, click the pictures to watch video)

The runes also offer up these tidbits:


As a red coat, Ichabod Crane witnessed the public executions of many American revolutionaries in Sleepy Hollow's town square. This seemingly quaint spot continues to haunt Crane's memories.


Bucolic Peabody Field was once home to a Quaker battlefield hospital. Quaker nurses, like Katrina, played an invaluable role during the sometimes brutal colonial war.

I love these things, because now we can begin to get a better sense of what kind of sins Ichabod is hiding and, even better, we get to learn more about Katrina. The knowledge that Katrina's a Quaker offers up much more than you might think. Speaking of Katrina:


I did a modicum of research on Quakers and witchcraft (as much as I could do-there are some very sketchy sites out there when it comes to this, as you can imagine). I only scratched the surface, but I learned that Quakers were persecuted by the Puritans, who believed them to be heretical to God's teachings. Quite a few Quakers were convicted and burned as "witches," even though they weren't. The link between witchcraft and Quakerism seems to be based on stereotypes and the Puritan fear of an alternate view of spirituality. I visited a site of a , who also on the definition of a Pagan Quaker and other such stuff. Of course, being a Pagan isn't the same as witchcraft, and that's not what I'm trying to conflate here. But, Katrina's reality as a Quaker who also has other spiritual views alongside her Quakerism is something that's not out of the realm of possibilities. For more information on Quakers, the different theologies within Quakerism, and their history, visit . If anyone has any other information they'd like to pass on concerning Quakers, Paganism, and/or witchcraft, pass it along. The one thing I do hope Sleepy Hollow doesn't do is make Paganism or Quakerism equal witchcraft, since both have gotten bad reputations from stereotypes and the media already.

There are a lot of strange things about Katrina and Ichabod's creepy house. Firstly, I don't think Ichabod even knows about this interpretation of his home-Katrina kept a lot of ish hidden from him, so I doubt Ichabod would have had a coven of witches, dressed in black, casting what sound like dark spells around his table. He could have, since he's open-minded, but I seriously doubt he's that open-minded.Secondly, it's funny that Katrina chooses now of all times to show the audience her home. Why show it when she's talking to Abbie? In the 21st century, we call that throwing serious shade at a woman who is clearly close to another woman's husband. (Personally, I don't blame her-if I was married and stuck in the spirit world and saw my husband getting close to another woman, I'd probably show her my creepy house too.)

Thirdly, did it seem like Katrina had somehow gotten a lot of the props from The Woman in Black and threw them into her home echo? As a lot of the props seemed anachronistic to the time period Katrina's from.

But forthly-and most importantly-we see some creepy dolls that clearly mean something when it comes to Ichabod and Katrina's sins.

The dolls we see are a strange voodoo doll in a baby carriage and a Revolutionary soldier (Washington, perhaps?) with a noose around its neck. Clearly, the voodoo doll is about a baby-baby carriage, baby sounds-but whose baby?

The theory that I've come up with is that she was trying to bring a baby into the world with the help of magic. The doll looks like a voodoo doll. She could have learned about voodoo from a former slave that became part of her coven or something. She could have then tried to use a fertility spell to bring the baby into the physical realm. Obviously something didn't work. This theory kinda echoes . Since the spell obviously didn't work, that led me to think that perhaps she was trying to bring forth a baby for nefarious reasons, like trying to conjure the antichrist or something (a little bit more on that later). But this theory by sounds much more plausible.

As for the Bluecoat doll with the noose around its neck, I'm stumped. The only connection I can make is that it might involve George Washington, since we mostly picture Washington in his Bluecoat attire. As to why she'd want to kill him or tried to kill him, I have no idea. Perhaps he was getting in the way of the initial Horseman takeover. In fact, I think the entire Revolutionary War, Washington, and Ichabod got in the way of the initial Horseman takeover. And then we get back to what we already know, which is that we don't know what we really need to know about Katrina? What side is this slippery woman on? She's supposedly "good," yet she's being punished in Purgatory, held captive by Moloch. Hmmm .In any case, we do know she's a powerful witch, and she has yet to show us the true extent of her power.


Now, I'd like to think that the Antichrist is going to show up eventually during the life of this show. In fact, the Antichrist could already be among the cast of characters and we just don't know it yet (looking at you, random white dude detective!)

Why do I bring this up? Because the show likes dealing with threes. On the one hand, we have Ichabod, Abbie, and Jenny as the core three leaders against evil. Then we have Andy, Katrina and Moloch on the side of evil (or, in Katrina's case, extra-shadiness). At first, I was going to write, "Andy, Katrina, and the Devil," but Andy, Katrina, and Moloch are on the front lines just like Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny. They're all footsoldiers in this war. They also mirror the bigger trinities.

Again, I didn't stick around too long on websites talking about the Antichrist and stuff (a lot of those sites scare me and freak me out), but what I did learn from some more legitimate websites is that the Book of Revelations states that an anti-Trinity would come into contact with the good Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Now, if the show is going along with its Christian context, the anti-Trinity will have to come up at some point. So we should be looking for the Devil, the first beast, and the second beast. The Devil is already a given-the show's about the apocalypse, after all. And we have Moloch, who could actually be the second beast. So who's the first? Not to put the focus back on Katrina, but could it be Katrina? I mean, we have a Bluecoat doll with a noose around its neck, for goodness' sake! Could she have been a messenger of the Devil's who was sent to earth to advance the apocalypse (in disguise, of course), and then tried to trick Ichabod, only to fall in love with him in the process? Is she like a succubus who failed with her plans? Did she and Ichabod actually conceive a child, only to have it die as punishment? I don't know. But you can expound on these theories if you want. Of course, Katrina could be just an innocent pawn in this whole thing, but that'd just be really boring.

Anyways, this is all I have time for for now. I think I might have some more to write about, but I'll have to write about that at another time. Write what you think about these theories in the comments section below!
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