Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Heaven on Earth

Underneath your thoughts and your busy mind, there is a stillness, a space of tranquility that can be reached only by letting go and surrendering to the presence. It is such a beautiful place to be even if it is for just a few moment. As you breath into this quiet , empty space, you become one with the vastness of the universe. Infinity becomes your identity and love becomes your only true nature. Judgments reside, jealousy disappears. Fear changes it's face to complete and utter FAITH, compassion arises up and takes over your entire BEING. The oxygen in your blood stream dance to the tune of your heart beat. They kiss each cell with a prayer of peace and freedom, joy and laughter, nourishment and vitality. Each cell becomes aware of it's own beauty, reshaping itself to the perfection of divine harmony of ALL that EVER IS. In this very moment as you've read this, YOUR SOUL IS IN BLISS. TAKE A DEEP BREATH MY FRIEND, you've just entered the doorway to your INNER TRUTH, heaven on earth.


Affirmation: "I love because I AM LOVE. I am one with Infinite beauty of this love intelligence that beats my heart and breathes through my every cell. I am available and receptive to more abundance, healing, peace, success, inspiration, creativity, joy, and prosperity than I can even imagine possible. Come what may!"....have a beautiful weekend everyone....Big Hugs
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