Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Week

This year for Halloween we celebrated for a week.It helped keep up busy while Garrett was gone for his annual hunting trip with his dad.The day before Garrett's birthday and him leaving for his trip, we celebrated with pumpkin carving, pizza eating, and pie for desert.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT:We scooped out all the seeds for the large pumpkins we wanted to carve, and the girls chose to paint their smaller pumpkins they had picked out at the pumpkin patch a week or so before.Grandpa Dan even helped paint!FRIDAY:

In the morning, I met my BMOM group at the Linder Farms pumpkin patch and we all had a blast going on a hay ride, picking pumpkins (again), running through the hay maze, playing in the corn box, sliding down the huge slide (well, Taylor did - Marissa didn't want to go), looking at the animals, and riding in the barrels behind the tractor.

In the afternoon M, T, Keira (whom I watch 1-2 days a week), and Kyla (Keira's sister whom I used to watch, but now she's a big kindergartner) posed for a picture.It wasn't planned but these four cuties were all decked out in their Halloween attire

That evening, we went to my friend Danielle's house to celebrate her birthday and then headed to my parents to watch the BSU football game.The girls and I decided to stay the night at grandma and grandpa's because it was a long, exhausting, but fun day!

SATURDAY:We went to Alyssa and Troy's house who threw an amazing party for tons of kiddos:Taylor the Ladybug and Marissa the butterflyBoth costumes were requested by the girls.We borrowed Kyla's Ladybug costume from last year and purchased Marissa's costume on the clearance rack at Fred Meyer's.

Besides the delicious themed food, there were multiple Halloween games, activities, and arts and crafts.The girls really enjoyed themselves and loved participating in the fun age appropriate games. My favorite game to watch was the "donut on the string" game.A slightly melted chocolate donut made it that much better.

TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY NIGHT: We made sugar cookies from scratch and decorated them Halloween style over at Grandma's house: The girls are big fans of frosting cookies and adding tons of sprinkles.They wanted frosting in every color in the rainbow (and pink per Taylor's request).We naturally met their requests, and soon our pumpkin, skeleton, witch, and ghost cookies were frosted in all colors of the rainbow.Too bad I didn't take a picture of the 40 something cookies we made.

Garrett came home a day early from hunting and we were so excited to see him.Sadly, he didn't get a buck this year.



The girls' preschool had a Halloween party and they dressed up, frosted cookies, and trick-or-treated.

I took the girls to my mom's work for them to trick-or-treat around her office (while I had a hair cut appointment).Then, Grandma took the girls out to lunch. :)

Taylor and Marissa's friend Oliver had a Halloween party.Fun games, yummy snacks, and trick-or-treating followed:

Balloon pop, mini-golfing into a witches mouth, pumpkin bowling, and a gooey mystery box with "witches eye balls" (hard boiled eggs), "crushed skeleton bones" (beans and sauce) and more.I was surprised the girls liked sticking their hands in the goop.They made the silliest faces while doing so!

The girls ran pretty much from house to house trick-or-treating with a large group of their friends.They love to trick-or-treat!

Our best attempt at getting all the kiddos to sit, smile, and look up at the camera all at once. Ha!

Marissa and Taylor stayed up passed their bedtime that night, ate way too much candy, and partied with tons of their friends.What a fantastic Halloween!
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