Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Full Moon

The full moon party in Haad Rin happens once a month on the beach. October is the lowest season for tourists so we were expecting something quieter than what we had been told. We arrived at the accommodation we had been recommended (Coral Bungalows) and immediately decided to change hotel, the week of full moon enables hotels to increase their prices and although our hotel was a tuk tuk drive away from the beach, it looked like it was going to be ridiculously noisy every night. So of course we ask to move... And get placed in its sister hotel, Paradise Bungalow, which was located directly on the beach where the full moon party was held. Brilliant.

A few days of sunbathing later and we had realised that the music on the beach didn't switch off until 5.30am every morning so we had a few nights out pre-full moon.

All of Thailands Islands are pretty similar, however their track list from 2007-2009 that they have on repeat differ slightly. It seems the islands seem to have their favourite songs, Koh Phagnan for example seems to favour anything by Ne-Yo or Akon. Eg. My idea of heaven.

The morning of the full moon party we watched Thai people set up DJ booths, stands, stalls and stages all for one night! It was rainy all day and our waiter, "Dave," ensured us the sun was sleeping and it would come out later. This is also the man who asked me and Rachel if we had the same name because we were twins. Loooooool.

On the night of the full moon party we bought our neon paint in preparation (again- cringe, I do understand why so many people come on their gap years to places like Thailand... Everyone seems to love the uni neon phase that took over my life for 1 week in September 2009 when we moved to Newcastle for approximately 5 minutes.) We had a few drinks at our hotel bar that overlooks the beach

The entire beach was covered with people, so I couldn't conprehend how sometimes double the amount fit in higher seasons. We went to get some drinks from the stalls that line the beach, all named after typical English names as some kind of Thai marketing ploy to buy from them. Needless to say I def would have bought from a Lauren stall had they had one.

Mainly the drinks in Thailand are a combination of Thai vodka (that doesn't taste like vodka) or samsong (disgusting) , plus a mixture and either a red bull or M1-50. M1-50s and Thai red bull is apparently banned in every country besides Thailand because apparently it has loads and loads of caffeine/sugar/chemicals/heroin in it, but we drank it anyway. And mum if you're reading this, in answer to your question "what are you drinking from those buckets," your answer is there. Drugs.


I obviously decided against the neon look.

Until a few beers later and..

Yes, we were covered head to toe in neon paint (again) feeling like a teenager... Obviously a lot more subtle than some people who take it too far... CRINGE!!! (1 sec.. How am I not a teenager anymore? Wait. When did that happen)

Here's a picture of me and Rachel as babies to reinstate our youth

Rachel's new boyfriend

Anyway, like I said, some people go too far with the dress code (see above) and by now the fake alcohol/caffeine/sugar/chemicals/high on life-ness kicks in and the rest of the night was pretty much a blur so can't really write much about it.

All I know is it included necking two Australians called Cory and Jimmy (alternatively) until they realised, swimming in the sea, dancing with an Indian man to Miley Cyrus, having a fight with Rachel which involved punches, slaps and hair pulling (fully out and being held up like a trophy) and that's all that can be really remembered. *update* Rachel kicked the shit out of me.

Oh and mysteriously gaining an injury whilst running away from an anonymous person (anonymous because I don't know/remember who he is) and being convinced that the reason why my dress was wet was because I'd pissed myself. Life.

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