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Food Diary, Monday 28th Oct.

Hi everyone! I apologise for no posts this past week, life's been a little bit jumbled for me and unfortunately I've just not had time to organise/schedule posts. For a while I've been wanting to do some posts about what I have been eating, as you may have read in my 'Weight Journey' post I have been trying to lose weight, unfortunately my weight does stick to me like glue, so without plenty of exercise and trying to balance out my diet I really struggle to even maintain my weight, adding in the fact I have a few intestinal problems I'm sometimes reluctant to eat healthier things.Hypnotherapy only goes so far; with my diet and everything I have to put that work in myself, and I have to take every opportunity to excercise I can!So this was my day of eating last Monday (28th October)...

First off I went for a run about 10am, I say run but it soon turned into a walk, it was absolutely chucking it down, I was absolutely frozen, and really pushed to my limits, ordinarily I would have gone on my tredmil but we're currently clearing out and it had alot of heavy boxes piled on top!I only went 3.55km (I use the endomondo app) which is 2.2 miles, and it took just under 30 minutes. The last 10 of which I was walking anyway. I burned approx 285 calories, which for first thing in the morning I was pleased as punch with.

I then had breakfast around 11am, this i admit was pretty random, I had a whole tin of tuna, with a desert spoon of low fat mayo, salt and pepper then two small pieces of toast with low fat marg on. I actually really enjoyed this, especially after I was so ravenous after running.

For lunch which was around 2:30pm I really wanted to pack in as many veggies as possible, I had vegetable fried rice, I fried some rice in a small amount of sesame oil and soy sauce with, peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms, peppers, and spring onions and a 2 egg omelette, this seriously hit the spot and is one of my favourite meals!

Finally we didn't eat tea until around 8:00pm I had a piece ofsirloin steak (I did cut the fat off before I ate it) andthe left over veggie rice, I normally get a sweet craving after tea but I was so full I couldn't eat anymore not even any of my mum's homemade crumble!

I used my fitness pal calorie tracker throughout the day, which estimates I should eat around 1600 calories, I came in at eating around 1,490 calories, which wasn't too bad. I initially said I wanted to lose a stone for Christmas, but as it draws rapidly near I realise that might be a tad ambitious, the numbers on the scale aren't really what I'm focused on anyway I just want to feel fit and healthy and be able to tolerate how I look in the mirror!

Anyway Thank you for reading guys!I hope you liked a different post from me!

Hannah -ox
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