Thursday, November 14, 2013

Discovering Sitio Saboi, Brgy. Lunen in Tupi

The river at Manang Zenaida's farm

Sitio Saboi is the first sitio of Brgy. Lunen in Tupi, South Cotabato. Lately, I have been hearing stories of a mysterious bird that Eney, one of our farm workers, has been talking about. It is a big bird that stays on the big tree during the day and flys out at night to feed on the river.

Browie's horses

Armed with curiosity, Mama, Browie, Sissy and I, instead of voting early, took a morning walk to Sitio Saboi. It is a 4 kilometer walk from our house, which is not new for us, since do weekend walking to our farm, at the boundary of Sitio Saboi.

A buko break at our farm

According to Eney, the big tree where these birds live is in the property of Manang Zenaida. Mang Zenaida is an old family friend, so off we went.

A shrub growing along the boundary of the farm....strange looking fruit

To enter the property we have to cross the river, which I miss doing for a long time. The moment we reach the bank, Mama and I saw a big bird fly towards trees on the other side of the river.

Inside Manang Zenaida's property, we were by 10 guard dogs, huhu but they won't charge on you when you are with Manang.

We learned from her that, their family has been taking care of those birds for more than 20 years. They sometimes buy fish to feed the birds and even nurse a sick mother once. That is real LOVE and CONCERN. And those birds are wild ducks. We might not see them this time, but I am sure to go back and look for it up close and personal.

Fruits of guyabano trees growing around Manang Zenaida's property. A kilo is bought at Php19.00, and they harvest twice a week of about a ton.

Jolo variety of lanzones abound.....

Browie with their pet rabbit....

During our conversation, she exudes happiness, as she shares stories of their life at the farm. The sustainability and abundance of fruits; banana, guyabano,purple yam, lanzones and more. Their love for animals is evident to the number of dogs, the 10 cats living in the cat house, chickens, pigs and cattle.

She even invited us to stay for lunch but we still need to exercise our right to suffrage.

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