Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Discoveries and Reminders

This week I discovered that a picture of me in the local paper results in new clients.In 4 days, I received calls from 5 new clients, 4 of whom referenced the ribbon-cutting picture that was taken at my Open House on Oct. 8.With 2 new client appointments, 3 sick animals belonging to current clients, and routine testing, this week was surprisingly busy and profitable.I feel like I adequately charged for my expertise this week and used, more than usual (?), advanced knowledge and skills learned in veterinary school.(Why the (?) - partly because some weeks have been pretty slow and partly because I haven't addressed before the problems that I encountered this week.)Animals are recovering and I am glad for that!

I keep reminding myself this evening that, barring further diagnostics, I cannot do anything more for the ill horse that I examined today.There is also really no additional information to give the owner tonight based on my at-home laboratory findings.I don't want to treat the disease that I think may be causing the fever because the antibiotic can have very detrimental side effects and because even without treatment with an antibiotic, these animals usually recover.I treated symptomatically.Given that it is Saturday, all I can do is hope for improvement tomorrow or send blood samples to labs on Monday.Should additional clinical signs arise before the test results come back, the clinical signs alone may yield a more definitive diagnosis than I have now and provide more indication on what treatments to provide.

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