Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Decoding Your Body's Signals

When Adrian and I were chatting this month about what we would like to share this month, Adrian said: 'How about we share with everyone how to listen to their body's signals?' This is something we have both been exploring in more detail with our health coaches and the tips, techniques and strategies we have learnt have been invaluable.

We both notice how stressed and worried we become when something feels out of place with our health, we start trying to eliminate possibilities, assess the facts so that we can figure it out and restore a sense of calm. Does this sound like you too?

But when you can stop, take a moment and decode the signals your body is sending you there is no more guessing, no more worrying unnecessarily. There is a clear reason and a clear path.

So here are some simple techniques for getting in tune and fast tracking your health to optimal vitality!

Tip 1 - Respond don't React

Learning to create space between you and the situation helps you to listen and respond rather than react. If you wake up with a chronic stiff neck rather than reacting by reaching for the pain killers, pause and respond. Think have I eaten something that has caused a reaction, did I jar it in the gym

Tip 2 - Ask and Listen

Many of us eat with emotion rather than considered thought. Next time you feel like reaching for a food you know is not in your best interest, pause. ask yourself; 'What is driving this desire? Do I really and truly want this food?' At least you can then make a conscious guilt free decision!

Tip 3 - Reassess

Have you ever stopped to assess how you feel after you have eaten a meal? we teach our clients the importance of assessing their body and mind 1-2 hours after eating a meal, asking them to notice if they are feeling happy, energised and renewed or irritable, craving sugar and tired. You can easily see that the negative reactions mean that the meal did not work for your body.

Tip 4 - No Pain No Gain

Whoever said no pain no gain clearly did not know how to listen to their body Pain is a direct signal from the body to stop before serious damage is done. Have you ever pushed out another set in the gym or strapped your knee up with support to go for a run? When deep down you knew it wasn't a good idea BUT you felt you should? Taking your foot off the accelerator and dropping back on your training when the body is in pain means that you will not only avoid further pain and injury but be able to get back to an even better level of performance much, much quicker!
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