Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 363: Black Dress and Flying Foxes

Earlier today, I found the above photo. It is a photo of orphaned flying foxes. Flying foxes are one of the largest species of bats. And they are so adorable! Furthermore... look at these little babies in their cuddly pastel blankets! ...Your arguments are invalid. Flying foxes are fascinating to me because they combine two of my favourite things: Bats and foxes. My favourite animals. Both are so beautiful, curious, majestic.

So I drew this.

Also, today, I made the majority of a dress for my silkscreen project.

This is an awful photo, and it also doesn't do the piece justice. Now, the dress isn't perfect. I was supposed to be made out of cotton, but Fabricland is full of lies. Horrible, bitter, lies. Or rather, lots and lots of mislabeling. And what is it with "100% Unknown Fibers". I didn't really let it hit me until I started sewing, and the weight, and the weave were a bit weird. Did a burn test. It was pretty much only plastic. Lame. See, if I'd wanted polyester, it would have been fine.But I didn't want polyester. I trusted Fabricland's label. I trusted them. I don't think thatI ought to shop there any more. It's comparatively expensive, and for less nice material. Okay for some things, but not all.Not when all I want is cotton. Blah. The dress is going to work out, but yeah. Hopefully use of actual cotton and silk/viscosefabrics will even out the dress. Which is super, super heavy.
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