Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 2: 30 Days of Thankfulness

I am thankful for the experience I had this year to participate in the United Way 35 under 35 Women's Leadership program. Through this experience I was reminded of the importance of living my design not default, and living with purpose. The group of women and leaders I met through the program have become a strong support system and women I look up to.

This has been a significant year of change and letting go.I was able to realize that it's important to focus on your goals, and don't let negative people pull you down. I am so thankful for an experience that greatly shaped my life and has made me a stronger, more focused, more driven individual.

Some of my favorite points from session 2 of 35 under 35: - Never lose sigh of the BIG thing, even if your path gets off track - Sometimes you have to course correct - things change - Put your goal out there - it's ok to say the wrong thing at the wrong time - Difficult times make us who we are - never wish them away -Some goals never come true because they were never meant to be -I have set some goals and achieved them and I have set some goals and have not achieved them -POWER in letting people know what your goals are -HELPING OTHERS often leads to accomplishing your goals -Some else's path is not necessarily mine -Taking care of competing commitments fist, allows the pathway to be open -Goals are steeped in beliefs -NOT LUCK - hard work - PLAN your LUCK -Just being positive isn't enough What % of populations fails at setting goals? 97% 7. Lack Confidence 6. They SHOULD it (I Should do.. ) (You do or you don't) 5. No Time - You have more time than you think, biggest excuse 4. Make it so Permanent (Create in your mind what you want - you can change your mind) 3. They think they don't know 2. Fear is preventing them - False Evidence appearing Real 1. They don't start IMAGINE THAT - What do we do if we don't know where to start?

Journal, Artist Way (Book), Socratis Method, Life Coach, Pattern Analysis Great friends - hold each other accountable - Good friends for the right reason Spiritual process - Building Blocks - Morning Pages - stream of consciousness - have to write!!! Why are we in the relationships we're in? Passion? What is your life about? You matter! Others matter!

Make the most of it. Agree to be WHO YOU ARE - Be positive Take some risks to reach goals - Never give up on your dreams!Your brand is what people say about your when you're NOT in the room!!! Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon People around us affect our own personal brand - be careful of poor associations - Our brand is memorable

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