Monday, November 11, 2013

China to end use of prisoners' organs by mid-2014

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China to end use of prisoners' organs by mid-2014 - MSN News


The supply of human organs falls far short of DEMAND in China due in part to a traditional belief that bodies should be buried or cremated intact. An estimated 300,000 patients are wait-listed every year for organ transplants, and only about one in 30 ...

One million students have taken the computer science pledge on - VentureBeat


The event, writes a rep via email, is "on track to be the largest online education event in history, proving that the DEMAND for relevant twenty-first century computer science education crosses all borders and knows no boundaries." The ...

Israel Buys the US Congress: Sabotaging the US-Iran Peace Negotiations - Center for Research on Globalization


ZPC control over the mass media enhances its propaganda campaign: Everyday the New York Times and the Washington Post PUBLISH articles and editorials promoting Israel 's war agenda. The ZPC uses the US State Department .... On October 22, 2013, Israel ...

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Transgender guitarist finds peace, acceptance through music - The Desert Sun


Andrews feels the religious dogma she had to overcome as a child was actually a bigger roadblock to her development than her gender DYSPHORIA. She grew up in a multi-generational family headed by a grandfather who had been a Philippines diplomat.

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Embrace spirituality on Diwali (IANS Books This Week) - Firstpost


With festivities in the air, it's time to be with your family and dear ones. But in all this hustle-bustle, don't forget to give yourself some time to mediate and think. Inner peace is a must for a happy life and this week the IANS bookshelf is stacked ...

Hema Malini's first music album is all about spirituality -


Mumbai, Nov 1 (IANS): Hema Malini has turned singer with her album "Soundarya Lahari." The versatile actress classical dancer says that she has always been comfortable with Sanskrit and the famous literary work "Soundarya Lahari." "I made a serial ...
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