Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brooks Men's Ghost 4 Running Shoe

Designed to elevate the running experience, Brooks' advanced stability, cushioning, and motion control gear is recognized as the product of choice among runners of all levels. Entirely focused on the run, Brooks is dedicated to inspiring people to be active. Brooks creates innovative equipment that keeps you running longer, farther, and faster -- and with more enjoyment of the run.

The new Ghost 4 is a thriller-day or night. Friendly to a variety of runners across the neutral spectrum, this shoe delivers bounce and balance thanks to generous cushioning and inherent stability. Now available in widths, the eye-catching Ghost 3 is topped off with an upper that envelops the foot for a fit that feels custom. One run and you'll become a believer. The GHOST 4 is a neutral shoe that captivates through its high-quality design. The decoupled midsole in the heel area provides a gentle and clean transition from the heel to the forefoot area. The Flex indent design corresponds to the anatomy of the foot. The curved last in the forefoot offers outstanding dynamics in the press-down phase to support the efficiency of the unrolling. This Ghost is an updated version that now includes DNA TM, redesigned flex grooves, Tongue Tied lacing and Caterpillar Crashpad. Element - Element is an upper technology featuring superior microfibre construction to provide weather protection in a light, supple and quiet fabric that doesn't sacrifice breathability, durability and comfort. HPR (High Performance Rubber) is an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole compound that has higher durability and wears longer. PodTech (Podular Technology) - the midsole and outsole components are engineered to set the foot in an efficient, balanced position from heel strike to toe-off, offering exceptional flexibility and an unrestricted forefoot ride. HydroFlow - the established cushioning system from Brooks.HydroFlow is a system of chambers sitting under the heel area of the midsole. The contained silicone-oil compound dampens the impact of the foot on the ground and offers optimal shock absorbtion and comfort. HydroFlowis used in all Brooks shoes. BIOMOGO - the bio-degradable midsole - As always, Brooks is a step ahead in innovative products. BioMoGo, the first fully bio-degradable midsole, sticks to the promise of our brand: BROOKS RUNS GREEN. DRB Accel A shank-like thermopl

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