Sunday, November 17, 2013

Body Of 10 Year Old Girl Found In Apartment Trash Can

The Landmark at Coventry Pointe Apartments in Gwinnett Georgia are the scene of a horrific discovery. The BODY OF A 10 YEAR OLD GIRL was found stuffed inside the garbage can at the apartment complex. Police responded to a 911 call after 4am this morning, when a man had called threatening to kill himself. He told the 911 operator that he wanted to kill himself and that his daughter had drank some poison and died.

Police were quick to arrive on the scene, and when they did they found the distressed man walking outside and pointing police to a garbage can. Stuffed inside the garbage can was the body of this man's alleged daughter, which had also been badly burned. There have not been any details as to how she died, or why her body was burned. Police are continuing their ongoing investigation to gather details about what took place.

Speculation would lead people to think that the man had killed the girl, then tried to destroy evidence of the crime. The suicidal man was taken into questioning to determine his role in the 10 year old girl's death, and any motivation behind what happened to her last night. He is believed to be the victim's father, as he told the 911 operator. He is not yet charged with any crime, but is definitely a suspect in this case.

There is no clue yet why the father of this young girl decided to become suicidal, and whether that played any role in her death. This may have been a murder-suicide gone horribly wrong, or it could have been a homicide that led the father to subsequently become suicidal.

Featured image from the Landmark At Coventry Pointe website.

Body Of 10 Year Old Girl Found In Apartment Trash Can.
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