Friday, November 8, 2013

'The Blacklist' episode 7 preview: Will Reddington disappear forever?

James Spader's Raymond Reddington has ran the show for the first several weeks on "," but in the latest sneak peek from Monday night's episode, he makes it clear a number of times: If she wants to see him go, he will got. It's as simple as that. Their partnership is crumbling, and one of the reasons why is due to him seemingly "setting up" her husband to be a suspect in a murder plot, complete with fake passports and everything.

We assume that there is still much more to this husband story than meets the eye, mostly because the evidence that supposedly cleared him for now could be viewed as circumstantial. What we are going to focus on Monday is more of a violent situation that has all of Washington DC on lockdown: A master of biological warfare has unleashed something potentially deadly on Washington, and Liz Keen and the entire bureau has to figure out a way that they are going to deal with what is a pretty serious problem. One wrong move, and their entire operation goes up in flames and there are countless dead.

This is where we imagine that Liz is going to have some problems cutting Red off from the investigation. Why he is no doubt evil and a master of deception, he also knows the criminal world better than anyonenot to mention the criminal mind, given the obvious fact that he is one. Therefore, he has some information that could prove valuable to the case, and to Liz and her team. You can never turn away the resource, even if you may personally hate them; someone in the FBI may end up telling Liz this in the end before they lose out on having their resource in Red for good. There are still many more cases still to solve, and based on how early we are in the series' run right now, it is safe to say that he is not going anywhere.

Want to read some more news on the future of "The Blacklist"? , where you can see some news about another awesome new addition to the show coming up. We'll have a full review of this episode up Monday after it airs.
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