Friday, November 1, 2013

'The Big Bang Theory' season 7, episode 7 preview: Bill Nye, Bob Newhart square off

Is there a spirit of friendly cooperation between some of the great kid educators / TV hosts of decades gone by? Based on the preview video below from Thursday night's "" entitled "The Proton Displacement," it sure doesn't feel like it.

In case you missed out on the details for this episode, they go as follows: Leonard's help is requested by Professor Proton (Bob Newhart) for an experiment, which of course makes him very happy. However, there's a problem in that Sheldon gets almost immediately jealous of the gig. Proton was his childhood hero, and he feels slighted. (Meanwhile, Proton feels the same way about him as many people feel about Sheldon.) In the end, Sheldon decides to team up with none other than Bill Nye the Science Guy (as himself), and a rivalry of sorts begins.

The best part of the promo below, at least to us, is seeing Proton lash out at Bill like there is some of epic blood feud between the two. Who knows? Maybe there is, and Proton feels like Bill came out with all of his science-guy shtick right when he was on the way down, and he supplanted him at the top of the science TV throne. This is at least our funny, imaginative way of looking at it. The one thing that we can say regardless is that there's going to be some awesome potential in here for this to be great, and it hopefully will not be the last appearance of Newhart on the show, either. While we imagine him only being an occasional preference, we know that the reason Bob signed on in the first place is that he could potentially recur for a few episodes here and there. We would not be surprised to see him turn up at least one more time in the spring. (Maybe we can will it with our mind.)

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