Monday, November 18, 2013

'Grey's Anatomy' season 10 spoilers: Is another James Remar appearance in the works?

The moment that we saw Alex angrily go after his father on the October 24 episode, it felt like there was almost going to be no hope at all for this relationship ever working itself out. After all, Justin Chambers' character learned that there were other children out there that his father had abandoned, and none of the memories that he was hoping to have with the man were specific to him.

So on the subject of what is going to come next, the simple answer to that is more trouble. After all, confirms that Remar is not done with the show yet. We imagine that he will be back sooner rather than later, and that one of the biggest reasons for his omission in the Halloween episode "Thriller" may just be due to Shonda Rhimes being cognizant that there could be a smaller viewership around for that night.

This is the sort of story that you want to save for deep into the November sweeps, especially when you consider trying to answer that all-important question: How in the world is this man going to find out that Alex is actually his son? It's somewhat impressive that he never quite caught on to it during their interactions in this past episode, since the door was very much open to him finding out. Instead, he's still in the dark, and quite possibly more shamed and humiliated than he was even turning away Jo's constant offers for treatment, knowing that he would in the process disappoint her. There are clearly elements of this man that are likable, and then some that are terrible. This is why Remar is playing this so brilliantly: You want to root for the man to work things out with Alex, even though you know that the odds of everyone being happy in the end are pretty much slim to none.

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