Saturday, November 9, 2013

An angel's day

Jill was was rolled about in a sweet dream. A dream most cherished by her. How it could not be when her darling Juno comes as a hero in it!Kisses, cuddles, and the most enchanting of all - his licks all over her silky neck... From a flower-covered romantic cliff, Jill was about to fall when Juno suddenly saved her by biting at the back of her neck. While carrying her like a mother cat carrying her kitten, Juno passed this advice to her, "When you fall from heights, learn to land on your feet". She should have spent her remaining life in that dreamland unless madam Genna had shouted "Jill come on". At that commotion she woke up, made a gymnastic-like body stretch and walked fast to the dining room. There her breakfast was ready, not on the table, but as usual down on the floor at a corner. To be truthful, the plate was clean and it carried a lavish course of 'Injera' and some pieces of bones with a little or no flesh attached. Though it was a Cinderella-like life, after food, Jill never had to wash the plates; nor her hands before a meal. Washing is untold in a cat's life, however pretty he or she is.


As a pet cat, Jill's world in that bungalow comprised of three things - attic, a corner in the dining room and a sprawling yard. And rarely, she should be obedient on the lap of madam Genna's grandson, a fatty Birhanu. If attic provided her the warmth of dreamy naps, dining room fed her enough. The sprawling yard enlightened her intellect with sights - horticulture gardens, birds, grass, grasshoppers, geckos, chameleons adept in camouflaging and so on. A thick hedge of thorny plants that seasonally bore bright yellow fruits bordered the lawns.

Birhanu comes to visit his grandmother once or twice in a month, only after an email or mobile text that should leave madam Genna shouting in excitement. She would first shout in glee and then start clattering vessels making the tastiest dishes for her loving grandson. Such occasions are a matter of gourmet's delight for Jill, too.

One-year-old Jill is already a beauty cat. She's already under the scanning eyes of her male counterparts. She knew it, but found none suiting to her sweet imagines. It continued so until she saw two eyes, sharp and shining as precious stones. For a day or two those beautiful eyes continued staring at her from the other side of the hedge. When she strolled on the lawns; the eyes moved in tandem.When the outsider gestured his love invite, Jill fell flat.

She, for the first time, breached madam Genna's code of conduct and squeeze out through the thorny gaps of the hedge. When they saw each other, birds chirped, a wind blew gently, flowery bushes waved and there rained romance... Their velvet-like bodies shined. Jill felt timid... how masculine he is! He had a rough mustache .. hairy body, brawny limps... to sum up, a roughness that is handsome."What...what's your name?" Jill asked. "I'm Juno. Do u like my name?" "You are irresistibly romantic member of the great cat legion" Jill said inside her mind before uttering, "You are nice".

Soon Jill and Juno became remarkable lovers among the cat community of the village. When they looked each other, the cupid sent arrows of romance; when they walked together, the moorlands got a sheath of flowers; when they hugged each other, the sky turned still more bluish. Between cats, there won't be a formal marriage ceremony, but things happen in their normal course. And staying together won't also be a pastime, except regular visits between the couple.

A great challenge in their life appeared in the form of three wild dogs. The dogs would prevent Juno from crossing the road and meeting Jill. Once or thrice Jill had to take risky endeavours to save Juno from the dogs. At Juno's cry which is a secret code, Jill would run to him distracting the attention of the dogs and in no time Juno along will Jill would dash to madam Genna's home. And that worked.

It was a Monday. As usual the devil-like dogs locked Juno under their custody. Juno was seen helpless and not defending, but sitting standstill with his head bent down. Sheer fear was dooming him. Juno gave a groan - the secret code to Jill. At the attic, Jill's ears immediately received the distress call. In no time she darted to the usual door, but it was closed! Oh My God! Madam Genna is shouting in joy... she must have got a text from her grandson... It seems she would open the door not now... Panicked Jill ran here and there inside the bungalow before darting out through the front door. "It's late Jill... It's late! Run fast and save Juno from the brutes" she whispered herself. She saw nothing except her sweetheart arrested by the wild dogs.

"Go fast, distract them..." her mind hurried her. Jill became a bullet... she pierced across the highway. It was like an angel flying for saving her love! A speeding omnibus approached when Jill adeptly darted through between the fore-wheels and rear wheels. The driver gestured in relief for not hurting the animal. There was a sudden 'thud' sound... oh, no... Jill is thrown into air... she is hit by one of the rear wheels... She fell over the grass on the side of the road. "...stand on your feet", she recollected Juno's words...struggled a lot to stand on her feet.. but could not.. there was smear of blood has already blemished her perfect white body... consciously or not, she wagged her tail - is it her fury against the dogs? People came running. Dogs ran in fear. Juno was released. Before he reached, Jill became still on a puddle of blood - an eternal rest.Juno looked skywards. Jill must be one among the angels.

Entire village was doomed in worry at this early morning mishap. People who were going to local market, who were collecting water from the public tap, who were taking a coffee from the nearby restaurant, who were jogging on the roads... all said in one voice: "Oh what a bad day!". As in Juno's heart, Jill had a place in people's hearts, too.- K.P. Sivakumar
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