Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Hope you had a great week! Mine was okHad a customer visiting Hong Kong so I was quite busy until Thursday. Another business proposal came at the beginning of the week too, so seems I won't have much rest the coming weeks either. Weight loss program is doing ok, but the thing is that I eat very light meals, so not much energy to do everything I would like to do,thus I guess prioritisation is a must in this case

Anyway, today's topic is about hobbies, stress management & creative writing. Indeed, I started my professional career with a very stressful job, so I very quickly felt the need to have extra activities/hobbies that I could enjoy aside of work. Indeed, there's nothing more pleasant than to immerse yourself in something you like doing during your free time. I mean something you like so much doing that you forget about your stressful job, your monthly objectives, your annoying boss, your family or relationships issues etc. I think it's like a rejuvenation process where you forget about anything unpleasant for a few minutes (hours), and you start afresh. I met several colleagues through my different jobs claiming that they didn't have such hobbies. And I truly wondered how they were managing to keep their sanity. For me whether it's reading, sports, volunteering, sewing, knitting etc. there's always something you like doing so much, that you'll always find a little time everyday/every week/ every month for it

Anyway, I am the kind of person that have several hobbies. Time is always an issue but I can't imagine myself not doing something I like a lot at least 2 hours a day. Reading & writing are so far my favourites. There are very affordable hobbies (there are several books available on Amazon's kindle store for free) and just 15min are enough to travel to another universe. Nonetheless, if Reading doesn't require much from you, creative writing is a bit more demanding as it asks for inspiration and good (even excellent) writing skills.

I always got lot of imagination and started writing long time ago. I loved to write my thoughts in fancy diaries with fancy pens. Then I learnt about computers and my mum offered me a disc where I could save all my wordings. I guess I was quite a lucky girl. At the beginning I was just writing for me, as nobody else was interested in a teenager's rambling, but several years later I discovered the world and I was so thrilled that I started being active in the fanfic communities and publishing frequently stories (in French language). It went pretty well and I even collaborated with another writer to write what I'm calling one of my fan fiction masterpiece (even though not completed yet)that received very good feedback by the way

However, maybe four years ago, I started being less and less active in the communities. I mean I barely read other authors stories anymore and it takes ages to update my pending stories when it used to take a month maximum to do so. At the beginning I thought it was work or I was too busy or not enough inspiration blah blah blah but the thing is that for example, I never stopped reading.

When you reach this stage, where you can't do something you love anymore and you can't find any good reason explaining this change (for example I am not buying any doll at the moment because I prefer to save some money, not because I am not interested in collecting anymore), you start questioning yourself. I mean is it because I'm fed up on fan fiction and I need to take on another writing challenge (e.g. write an original short story or novel with my own characters), or maybe I need to improve my skills in order to write better quality stories (to be in line with the one I'm reading and that I like so much ), or maybe both?

I have been thinking about it seriously these past months and I've decided to take distance writing classes, in order to improve my skills and learn what to do to fight the terrible writer's block. I really want to take this hobby to the next level, and I am even thinking about writing in English too, in order to catch a wider audience and get more feedback. Some people find it crazy that busy as I am, I still find the time to worry about such trivial issues, but as I say when you really like something, it become your pride, your own little something and you'll always try your best to push your limits and improve yourself.

So to conclude I'll just say that hobbies are not just for fun, or for appearance. They can also help us to improve significantly our personal and professional lives. And this is just priceless, according to my humble opinion. What's yours? Feel free to share...

See you next week!

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