Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A New Love/Hate Relationship

There's a trend here in Japan and I don't know if it's going on anywhere else, I'll assume so at the risk for making an ass of myself.It's girls and adult women attaching a certain doll, icon, thingy to their bags.I've been slowly and methodically looking for the right fit for me and the one that will be strong enough to deal with my stupidity, silliness and out right clumsiness.A companion of sorts, to go along with me on adventures through Japan and wherever else the Navy decides to send us next.

Saturday evening the husband and I were checking out a large building in a part of Yokohama that we have passed by often but never ventured inside before.We'd just had a nice happy hour of beer and potato pancake thingy at World Beer Museum and I had a very nice little alcohol buzz going on.

Rosey cheeks and everything.The husband had just done a photo with Santa Claus on the first floor of this shopping mecca.

And so it was time to venture to the second floor.Pretty well the normal shops we expected to see, browsing down isles of clothes vendors and nick nacks, novelty stores and such .when I was suddenly stopped in my tracks!What was this!These are no ordinary stuffed animals I saw before me, NO!

This is the kind of cat I could love and snuggle with, read to and take with me on trips to the city, the country, the trains, the ocean.I finally found the dangly thing for my bag.

I searched through the different cats and found the perfect kitteh for me.She's angsty, pissy n just has lots of attitude.But she did not want to be adopted, no, she was content to hang there with her cat friends and snark at people passing by in their ridiculous clothing and odd hair.She took one look at me and sneered.I said, I must have you, you understand don't you?Come with me.She hissed and clawed, scratched and gave me the one eyebrow.Too late kitteh, you are mine now and you are officially attached to my bag.Better enjoy it.

Meet Ms. Schnicely Kitteh

I've noticed recently she has been extra sour so I've given her the task of writing her own blog.An outlet of sorts.

Catch her blog here:

if you want her side of it.
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