Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Things to Ask When Looking for a Dayton Animal Control Company

Before hiring any wild animal removal services in Dayton, it pays to know what kind of company you are dealing with and learn if they meet the standards of environmental protection and safety. Consider these guidelines when looking for a Dayton animal control service provider that fits your needs.

1. Ask for on-site inspection and a written quote.

Choose a company that offers actual inspection as part of their process. This is done so they can determine the possible number of animals needing relocation, the type of animal present, their potential entry points and the cost estimate of the job.

2. Ask for certification and their experience.

It is important to hire a professional with proper education and experience. On the other hand, certifications usually show proof that they are prepared and equipped in this business. Being a member of an organization can be a good sign as well.

3. Ask for details on their animal control techniques.

This is important to ensure you are contracting a humane company. You have to know how animals will be treated after being caught. If possible, insist on using safe animal trapping strategies.

4. Ask if they offer a full range of exclusion or animal proofing services.

As much as possible, the service should have one-year guarantee from animal re-entry. Unless the access points are not effectively installed with exclusion material, the problem will keep on recurring.

5. Ask what will be the consequence of their technique on the animal in question.

Be aware as some animal control operators kill the animals once they are removed from the structure. Make sure you consider the babies that may be left behind and die because of starvation. If they are left to die, they can create a very unpleasant smell inside your home.

6. Ask what products they are using.

Poison usually results in prolonged suffering and agonizing death. Aside from that, the poison may be eaten accidentally by a family pet.

7. Ask the representative how frequent the traps are to be checked.

The traps should be checked daily, even during holidays and weekends.

8. Ask for warranty.

An animal control company confident on their services won't hesitate to provide at least one-year warranty. Avoid companies asking you to agree on 'per-animal' charge. A per-animal charge may seem like a good deal, but this only offers temporary solution, especially if the main access points are not repaired.

9. Ask for liability insurance and licenses.

A professional Dayton wildlife control operator must be covered with a relevant insurance, such as general liability insurance. This protects the customer from liability in case an accident occurs to the company's representative.

10. Ask if they work with a wildlife rehabilitator.

Wildlife rehabilitators protect wildlife. A genuinely humane animal control professional in Dayton can provide reference to a wildlife rehab specialist.

Be wary of companies that ask for money up front. Be in control with all the negotiations and don't feel pressured in getting their service. If you feel like there is something wrong, you can look elsewhere.
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