Friday, January 10, 2014

I Resolve to Become More Resolute

So if you were wondering about that number over there on the left hand side of the blog, I was making a few fitness goals for 2014 and I decided that I want to try and run/bike 500 miles over the course of the year.Initially my goal was to run all 500 miles, but that is probably unrealistic because my knees will be very angry with me and, since we are being honest, I don't think I actually like to run that much.I wanted to lower the overall mileage goal, but anything but 500 miles just doesn't work because it doesn't go with the song.Is it weird that I plan my life goals according to song lyrics and popular phrases?Have you met me?So hopefully this counter I can update will help me keep on running and also reach my goal to get back into cycling a little more this year. As far as my other resolutions, this year I decided to set goals only by the quarter.It seems a little daunting to predict what I will have time to be doing 8 months from now, but planning for the next 3 months seems manageable.I won't share all my resolutions, but for those interested, here are ten.


10. Mop an IHop bathroom in 6 different states

9.Blame absolutely everything that goes wrong on the Polar Vortex

8.Train an army of hermit crabs and finally get the secret formula for Krabby Patties

7.Meet my childhood hero, Alfonso Ribeiro

6.Play lots of golf, re-read Mein Kampf, finally beat level 11 in Candy Crush (Oh, wait, those are President Obama's goals for the first quarter. So sorry.)

5.Run a three-legged 5K

4.Translate Ke$ha's smash hit "Tik Tok" into Afrikaans

3.Abolish Primary and make parents teach their own dang kids

2.Ski down a mountain of garbage at the county waste station

1.Adopt a drifter
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