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American Horror Story : Coven

Next Wednesday, AMERICAN HORROR STORY COVEN will come to its conclusion. It's been a hell of ride since the season premiere. We've watched those young witches evolving and discovering new powers, fighting zombies, falling in love, hating each other, dying and coming back to life. I care for those girls, some more than the others, and since the revelation in the premiere that a new Supreme will rise, we've been wondering who she is.

Last Wednesday, Fiona Goode, the Supreme, died at the hand of the Axeman (or so we think for now), our beloved Coven needs a new Supreme. In order to find out who the Supreme really is, they have to pass the Seven Wonders ! What are those seven wonders ? Find below a quick recap.

The Seven Wonders are abilities so powerful, only the Supreme can have them all. Queenie, Misty Day, Zoe and Madison will be put to test , they may die trying to but they will all pass the Seven Wonders and one of them will be the new Supreme.

The Seven Wonders are :

1. Telekinesis ;

2. Concilium (control of the mind) ;

3. Transmutation ;

4. Divination ;

5. Vitalum Vitalis (balancing of scales between one life force and another) ;

6. Descensum (a descent into the nether worlds of afterlife) ;

7. Pyrokinesis.

Before the season finale, I wanted to review each girls and to compare them, to guess who is the next Supreme !

QUEENIE : HUMAN VOODOO DOLL.Queenie is the only black witch in the Coven, she feels lonely and isolated from the other witches. Her only friend in the Coven was a racist serial killer, who tortured 62 slaves : Madame Delphine LaLaurie. I really enjoyed their relationship, mostly in the beginning. The fast food drive in was one the funniest scene in AHS ever.

Queen even betrayed the Coven to go to Marie Laveau's but she was attacked there, took a bullet in the stomach and one in the head but she survived ! That's awesome !

WHY SHE MAY BE THE SUPREME : she's my personal favorite ! She is smart, fun, powerful and I love her attitude. Queenie is bad ass, speaking the truth always. And also, I like the fact she connects White and Voodoo magic together.

WHY SHE WON'T BE THE SUPREME : probably because of her attitude. She doesn't have any allies in the Coven. And she is not a series regular.

WONDERS PERFORMED : 3 (telekinesis ; vitalum vitalis ; descensum)


ZOE BENSON : THE BLACK WIDOW. When we first saw Zoe, she discovered her power. First, it was a horrible power, killing the person you're having sex with. After Madison's rape, that power turned out to be useful once. Her lovestory with FrankenKyle was touching but a bit boring. She found the perfect guy for her, he is already dead so they can have all the sex they want to.

Zoe is quite a powerful witch, she killed many zombies alone and I loved that. She is a good witch, probably the less psycho and the one who cares most about the Coven. That'd make her a great Supreme, but we have the examples of Cordelia and Myrtle, they care a lot about the Coven and still they're no Supreme.

WHY SHE MAY BE THE SUPREME ; we started the season with Zoe so we may end it with her and Kyle, in bed. Also, Zoe is the only witch that did not die and come back. She is a survivor. Finally, we all know Ryan Murphy is very fond of Taissa Farmiga, so maybe that's why he'd pick her

WHY SHE WON'T BE THE SUPREME : That'd be nice that the story began and ended on the same scene, with Zoe and a boy but it's not very surprising for AHS. That's probably why she won't be the Supreme, she is the obvious choice.

WONDERS PERFORMED : 2 (telekinesis ; vitalum vitalis)


MADISON MONTGOMERY : HOLLYWOOD BITCH. Madison Montgomery was a celebrity, a party girl and a mean bitch. She is powerful and doesn't hesitate to kill others, without signs of remorse. She is very self-centered, and I've always disliked her. The only time I cared for her was in the premiere when she was gang raped and after she killed the guys with her telekinesis power. It was awesome but since then, Madison is only the mean and arrogant Hollywood bitch witch. She complains a lot. I was quite happy when Fiona cut her throat but Misty Day and Zoe brought her back. Bad idea girls.

Madison also fell for FrankenKyle and shared him with Zoe until the guy chose Zoe over her. Madison is quite sad because she is alone. Nobody can really stand her, but it's mostly her fault.

WHY SHE MAY BE THE SUPREME : Madison the one who showed more powers yet.

WHY SHE WON'T BE THE SUPREME : Madison is a selfish and mean bitch, we've already had a Supreme like that. I'll always love you Fiona Goode ;)

WONDERS PERFORMED : 4 (telekinesis ; pyrokinesis ; concilium ; transmutation)


MISTY DAY : THE UNDYING WITCH. When Misty Day first appeared, I instantly fell in love with her. She was pure and innocent... and then she was burnt to death. Luckily, she came back, having the most awesome power : bringing people (or animals) back to life ! The girl can't be killed !

Otherwise, Misty Day was a bit fragile first, very isolated from the world. Her only connection was to Stevie Nicks, so it was nice to see her interact with the girls and slowly becoming a part of the Coven. She is more accepted in the Coven than Queenie ever will be. Misty Day has grown living in the Coven, she is less na ve and stronger. The girl saw through Fiona's game.

WHY SHE MAY BE THE SUPREME : Last week she kicked Madison's ass, just for that I want her to be the Supreme. Also, she has huge powers and she is calm and honest. That'd make her a nice Supreme, different from the last one.

WHY SHE WON'T BE THE SUPREME : Misty Day is still too na ve and even if she showed strength, I don't know if she can pass the Seven Wonders. I don't know why but I see her trapped in the afterlife realm, not able to come back during descensum.

WONDERS PERFORMED : 2 (vitalum vitalis ; telekinesis)


And maybe the writers are cooking us a nice surprise for the finale .

What if all of them are Supreme ? Like they were all Slayers in Buffy at the end. That'd be nice if there were several Supreme and they can all have their own Covens. So, there will be many witches in the world and everyone'll be happy


CORDELIA FOX, THE BLIND WHO SEES IT ALL. Cordelia always was the weakest witch in the Coven, everybody pointed that out, even herself. She lived in the shadow of her mother but now she is dead, maybe the girl will reveal herself. Cordelia showed some strength since she became blind, maybe she is the Supreme after all !


MYRTLE SNOW. THE FASHIONABLE WITCH.Myrtle Snow is a great witch, very original. I've loved at first sight. She has her own style, she is funny, intelligent and one of a kind. So Myrtle Snow, Are you the Supreme ? Even if I'd love that, I don't think how they can pull that off.


So, what did you think ? Who's your favorite ? Who do you think is the next Supreme ? Vote now !

And discuss your vote in the comments !

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