Friday, January 10, 2014

Three Lights

In Sailor Moon's last season, Sailor Stars, three idol characters are introduced while Usagi's boyfriend Mamoru is leaving for college abroad.

In the manga the idols Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki are women who crossdress as men to achieve this goal, while in the manga their bodies actually take on a metamorphosis that changes them from men back into women. In the anime, it should be noted, that the Star Lights were women on their home planet, so that is why I made sure to mention that they are in fact reverting back to their original forms.

from left to right: Star Healer (Yaten), Star Maker (Taiki) and Star Fighter (Seiya)

The enemy of this season, Sailor Galaxia, has followed the Sailor Star Lights from their home planet, and the three women originally only fight to destroy the phage that is created from the humans by Galazia's henchwomen the Animamates.

Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten sing their song in hopes that it will reach their princess and she will find them out. If they are successful are not, wellI wont spoil that. What I will spoil is the fact that while Usagi is all alone in Japan, Sailor Star Fighter attempts to court her in her civilian identity of the idol Seiya. Once everyone discovers each other's identities, this becomes harder to do as all three factions, IInner and Outer Senshi, and Yaten and Taiki, all wish for them to leave each other alone.

It was a great series, but unfortunately The Three Lights, the Starlight's macho idol band, only had one real hit before leaving earth. "Search For Your Love" was never translated into English, but a Fans took it upon themselves to translate this video so people could hear the song in English. Enjoy?
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