Friday, January 31, 2014

Hot Trends: Chinese New Year 2014: Millions Celebrate as Year of Wooden Horse Gallops ...

This Friday, 31 January, marks the beginning of the New Year in Chinese calendar. The year of the Wooden Horse was welcomed by millions with prayers, fireworks, dances and loud celebrations across the globe on Thursday night.

Friday marks the first day of the Chinese New Year, which is also called the spring festival. The New Year is celebrated for 15 days and will end with the Lantern Festival or the Shangyuan Festival. Chinese communities considered Lunar New Year to be the biggest and most important festival.

The Year of Wooden Horse, which deals with fire, wood and energy, re-started after a traditional 12-year cycle.

A huge number of Chinese nationals from across the world went back to their home country to celebrate the New Year. The occassion was also welcomed by millions across the world with firecrackers shows.

People from Beijing to Bangkok and Seoul to Singapore are visiting temples and lighting incense sticks to mark the first day of the New Year. Thousands of artists performed in Beijing at the opening ceremony of the Chinese New Year.

In Melbourne, a 100-metre long dragon, made up of six tonnes of steel, 1,600 metres of fabric and 2,000 light globes, was brought to life to ring in the New Year, according to ABC news.

Even Google celebrated the New Year with a doodle of an animated rocking horse.

Check out the pictures of New Year celebrations here.

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