Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A British teacher presents all items that have been confiscated from students over the past 15 years

Do you remember your days at school when the teacher will confiscate the cards or the doll that had worn that day, balloons and a myriad of other things? Well, I normally used to return us to the end of class or in more serious cases were handed back to parents after a brief chat 3 quarters of an hour.

Well, it seems that in England the rules are a little harder, at least in some schools, because a British teacher presents every object has been confiscating their students over the past 15 years. And there are few items seized.

Guy Tarrant is a British professor with a strange hobby, collecting. Well, that does not seem so weird, who does not collect anything besides bills. Well, our English friend is dedicated to collecting confiscated from various primary and secondary objects and has assembled an important collection from more than 150 colleges and has taken him about 17 years to assemble it and not content with that he has decided to make a presentation with them.

So he has called his exhibition, "Material Resistance". A name of choice for stress resistance and rebellion of youth against the strict rules of the academic system where they studied.

For him all these objects represent acts of rebellion against a rigid and full of rules system, in which students try to survive and evade the rules through play and not without some kind of danger impulsive activities. Using these objects, Tarrant says, can get to know some of the complex lives of young people.

The exhibition can be seen at the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood in London.

I think if the seized items are not returned in my school, Mr Tarrant would have to mount exhibitions half a dozen at least. And to you, we have something confiscated at school?
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