Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

I dislike the idea of resolutions, which, to me, implies a daily committment.I'm really bad at that kind of thing for a long period of time.Instead, I like to have a list of goals to reach each year, that encompass the things that are important to me.They don't necessarily require a daily commitment, but they require effort, discipline, and self-control.

1) REREAD THE ENTIRE HARRY POTTER SERIES Now that it's available in eReader format and FREE via Amazon Prime.No money spent, and not having to carry around 20lbs books is nice.I may end up ordering them because I do enjoy the series and don't mind giving money to J.K. Rowling, but for now I'm planning on getting them via Prime.I also think it will be interesting picking up on all the clues knowing the endgame of the entire story as a whole.And perhaps it won't take me 2 months to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this go-round. (I'm going to continue the "Read More Shit of Literary Merit" Challenge into 2014 as well.These totally count in that.)

2) PAY OFF DEBT CREDIT CARD* AND CAR I have a payment plan in place that will have this done by December 2014.I also plan on using at least half of my tax return towards this goal, and half of the 2 "extra" paychecks I receive.So my real goal is to have this completed by September. *I have a rewards earning credit card that gets paid in full every month. This is the card that carries a balance.

3) VISIT 1 NEW COUNTRY, 1 NEW CONTINENT, & 6 NEW CITIES I set the 5 new cities goal for myself last year, and blew it out of the water (8 new cities across 4 [2 new!] countries). I always like to have a travel goal because it keeps me motivated to go to new places and try new things. I had to keep in mind that I am going to the World Cup in Brazil, which is a huge financial commitment, so my jetsetting ways of 2013 are probably not likely to continue in 2014.Probably. My 1 new country/continent goals are a gimme, because I've never been to Brazil, and I've never been to South America. So that'll get knocked out in the same trip. As will 2 or 3 new cities. Efficient.There are a few other MLS trips I'd like to make, and I imagine I will be doing the USMNT send-off matches as well.I think this will be an easily attainable goal again, but sometimes you need a softball goal.

) PARTICIPATE IN AT LEAST 1 WHOLE 30 CHALLENGE- I know several people who have done it, and I'd like to give it a try.My original plan was to do it in January, but I've pushed it back to February due to lack of time to properly plan meals and shopping for items.Plus, I'm PLANNING to start using the fitness center in my building and doing a diet/cleanse and the same time I am cranky and sore is not ideal for anyone.

5) LEARN A NEW KNITTING SKILLI taught myself to knit last year, but I can only garter and purl stitch things in a straight line (scarves and mug cozies). I'd like to learn to knit a cabled slouchy hat, or some socks, or something. (Fitz was so little!)
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