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Making resolutions is something I always think about and then never really follow through on. Honestly I'm a big procrastinator and don't do well with deadlines I set for myself. Sound familiar? However I realise I am stuck in a position of rest and I need to get myself moving orI'll be stuck resting forever.

So, how do you go about making realistic goals when you have no clue how?

Google, of course. The answer to all things in the universe (except of course the meaning of life which we all of course know is 42) can be googled and if you need to know why 42 is the meaning of life well... google it.

So after some googling and finding out good ways to make goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Orientated) and bad ways (just throwing out random ideas and hoping they stick). I made a list of various things I'd like to achieve and some plans on how to do that. I then picked 12 specific goals that fit into what I want my year to look like.

2014 will be a year where I find my feet, get a job and move into my own house.

All my goals are building blocks that will lead to these vaguer goals (hopefully). They are also split into specific sections meaning that I'm only concentrating on 3 goals per section. The sections being Financial, Mental/Education, Physical and Spiritual.


* No Spend Challenge. While I don't think I could last a year or even a month not really buying anything I intend to create a budget and stay within it for the whole year. 2013 became a year of excess and I really have no need spend anything on anything in 2014.

* Earn EUR1000 a Month - Passively. I have big plans to get a 'real' job in 2014 or at least be in the process of getting one by the end of the year. However I also have big goals for my future (travel, home ownership etc) and having multiple income streams is a big must so I would like to put the effort into a few projects which will keep earning me money with little or no work on a monthly basis. I'd like to achieve my goal by the end of 2014.

* Track Spending. I have terrible spending habits and always have so creating good habits (such as tracking spending and budgets) are definitely another must for 2014.


* Learn French. I have very basic French language skills. If you want me to read it I will say I'm pretty fluent but my speaking, listening and writing skills leave a lot to be desired. It's been my goal for a couple of years get my French back up to scratch but because I'm lazy I haven't. I'm committing myself to 30 minutes a day using various methods (Rosetta Stone, Books, Notes etc) to get myself back on track.

* Read 52 Books (12 Classics). Once upon a time you could not stop this girl from reading... then she got a kindle and her local bookstore shut down and she just stopped. I started up again last month and read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Hound of the Baskervilles in the space of a couple of days then stopped again. A book a week should be easy for me and I want to read some of the beautiful clothbound classics I've been gifted over the years.

* Get a Qualification. I'm looking into online learning and have found a few skills based courses via Groupon I want to have a go at but I also want an 'official' qualification to help me along with a career. I'm looking into Marketing and want to get it completed in the first few months of the year.


* Run 4 5k (or more) races. Pretty self explanatory. Also run 3x a week.

* Achieve and maintain a healthy weight/lifestyle. I am really unhealthy it's a mixture of working at a job where eating junk fuelled you to the next break and you didn't get home till 3am on a regular basis and just poor planning. I want (among other things) to learn to cook a few 'signature' dishes and just generally feel better about my health. I am also I think in the minority when I say I'm happy with how I look. I generally know how to dress for my shape and think I'm at an ok weight. However I would be healthier being at a slightly lower weight which I acknowledge and intend to work on over the next year.

* Yoga. I'm a big fan of yoga and whenever I commit to it I feel infinitely better within a few days until I fall off the wagon and don't do it again for months. I'd like to stretch for about 20 minutes each morning and night.


* Spend a day each week with different friends. Have a group meet-up each month. I see various friends more than I see others and some I don't see for a couple of months at a time. I want to make more of an effort to see everyone I love this year. Friends are the family you choose after all and I couldn't wish for a better one.

* Keep a gratitude journal. My friend bought me a lovely sized notebook that is perfect for this. I want to note down 3 things daily I am thankful for and the reasons behind them.

* Spend more time looking after myself. This one is very not specific but also encapsulates a lot of other ideas I had. I feel better having gotten dressed and doing my hair each day so I should do it, I feel better when I live to my own values rather than other peoples so I should and I breathe easier when negativity has been banished from my thoughts so I should banish it and breathe. This one isn't really measurable but it's a pretty good goal to have.

All in all I hope 2014 treats everyone well. I'll be updating on my progress every few months and hope that it really will be a year to remember. I know today is just another date but sometimes you really can make a fresh start out of it. It doesn't matter what day it is.

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