Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sustainable Green Energy In Africa

Over the years, Africa has faced a lot of challenges and among them being energy. Millions of people across the continent do not have access to power and this calls for long-term solutions to this devastating situation. Research has revealed that there is a lot of potential in the utilization of renewable resources for the sake of ensuring that there are reliable sources including sustainable green energy in Africa.

Electricity is an important commodity both at the industrial and domestic levels. Without this resource, innovation is limited as citizens cannot use modern equipment that are solely reliant on electricity. Industries need a lot of energy to operate smoothly to provide goods to the citizens and therefore, insufficient electric supply automatically cripples the economy.

Inasmuch as every country in Africa is pulling hard to advance in technology, insufficient power supply makes it very difficult if not impossible to achieve this. Long-term solutions are the only ways that would ensure that various innovative activities are powered and the right equipment used in these endeavors. Putting up proper strategies and taking into consideration some of the safest ways of generating power is the only way to go.

Research carried out by various bodies have indicated that Africa has a lot of potential and if the right policies are formulated, various countries can generate power that can sustain both the industrial and domestic sectors for a long period of time. Even though renewable sources are reliable in terms of environmental friendliness, they cannot sustain the economies on their own.

Some countries including South Africa have been able to enjoy cheap power for ages because they set up their systems at times when the cost was not as high as it is now. Most governments have taken steps to formulate ways by which they can fully tap into their mainstream sources to ensure that enough energy is available for productive activities.

Even though several countries have access to renewable energy sources, this cannot be a permanent solution to the situation as they cannot solve the problems on their own; they have to be supplemented by other sources. Supplementary sources including the sun have been tapped to provide an extra amount of power for domestic and industrial purposes.

Africa is known to have stable climatic conditions which are mostly sunny. This makes it possible for most countries to harvest solar energy to their advantage. Even though solar energy cannot be used to run big projects, it supports most areas in an economy. Geothermal power sources have also been invaluable to most countries.

Coal power stations are on the decline because it is becoming more difficult to get funding for such power stations. Coal stations have been associated with greenhouse effect that has caused global warming and are also expensive to construct and maintain. It is very possible to have sustainable green energy in Africa to enable the countries to engage in constructive production. It is important to abandon expensive sources and adopt clean and reliable sources.

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