Friday, January 17, 2014

Stop, Challenge, Choose

As I've mentioned, I've been doing Medifast (as opposed to , which is what I've been supposed to be doing -- Medifast is one component of TSFL) for several months.As is my pattern, I've kind of been treading water with it, so it's frustrating.

Adding to the frustration is that my husband, as is HIS pattern, decided in May or so that he needed to lose weight and today he came down the steps to announce that he hit the 50 pounds lost mark.Of course, I'm really happy for him, but I'm also fairly annoyed.He does this weight loss thing so well.I won't say effortlessly because it's obviously not effortless.He's given up a lot of things that he likes, such as pizza, cheese, and red meat and has started to eat things that he swore he just couldn't stomach, like spinach and broccoli.

So HE'S doing wonderfully well.Me, not so much.I have lost weight, but with so much to lose, it's just not impressing me too much.I've been excellent and back on track this week, with the glaring exception of today.I had a brownie as a snack and pizza for dinner and I know for sure it was because my energy level was incredibly low after a miserable three hours of sleep.

However, my wonderful nutrition counselor and Medifast Coach, called me yesterday to check in and told me about something new that TSFL is doing.It's called the .I was up late yesterday watching a video and filling out some goals.The video was wonderful -- very inspiring.My takeaways from it:

* Our expectations drive our achievements.

* There are three keys to success:

* Protect your mindset

* Prepare to win the night before

* Focus on your single best opportunity.

for more (it has snazzy music too).

I want to share my answers to some questions that Stop Choose Challengeposed as I get ready to begin this 12 week Health Transformation.I think they kind of show where my head is, particularly 6 (c).

* What is the PRIMARY reason I am doing this transformation?I am tired of not reaching goals and I want to improve my health.

* What are the outcomes you hope to accomplish in the next 12 weeks?I want to lose 30 pounds

* What destructive habits or negative behavior do you hope to overcome?(a) not drinking water; (b) not exercising with regularity; (c) snacking unhealthily; (d) not staying on plan.

* What healthy habits and positive behaviors do you hope to learn and adopt?(a) Drinking water 'til I slosh; (b) yoga classes and at home yoga (three times a week total) and walking half an hour per day five days per week; (c) staying on plan.

* Identify three things that could potentially sabotage your efforts:(a) Defeatism, (b) overwhelm; (c) restaurants

* What three areas of strength can you draw upon to help you achieve your goals?(a) prayer and meditation; (b) husband's support and encouragement; (c) Desperation.
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