Thursday, January 9, 2014

prompt 195 Weather Report

In her book, A Cloister Walk, KATHLEEN NORRIS explains a wonderful little writing exercise: writing out your own emotional weather report. I did this for a while in my journal and it was an interesting exercise. TOM WAITS does something similar in his song Emotional Weather Report:

with tornado watches issued shortly

before noon Sunday, for the areas

including, the western region

of my mental health

and the northern portions of my

ability to deal rationally with my

disconcerted precarious emotional

situation, it's cold out there

Somewhere in your poem this week we'd like you to give us an internal weather report. Is there a cold front moving in, overcast skies, high winds or balmy breezes? Are there ways to detect storm warnings from another individual? Can you "see" a heat wave coming in the near future? Allow us to see and feel what is happening on the inside, either your own internal weather, or that of another individual. You might want to "report" on a relationship between two people, or with a certain object, or even an animal. Have fun and write.

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