Thursday, January 9, 2014


A post dedicated to looking back at 2013 and moving on to 2014!

IN 2013:

What went on:

1. At the start of the year, I got a haircut that I think I looked the best in and which I totally loved. It was effortless trying to make it look nice unlike my hair now. I wouldn't mind cutting back to this length again but I want to try a hairstyle with long fringe! And it was the period I felt best about my body because I started running. (and then it stopped slowly...)

2. I bonded with my maternal cousins from US. Sophia, Rachel and Sam! Bonds are great :)

In February.

In JulyThis was the period I felt the fattest and my hair was a FAIL. Tried to leave long fringe (gave up eventually) with a really short hair. I looked horrible... my hair's very much like this now except slightly longer hair than this. reallyfringe length now pfft.

3. Went to Bangkok in June!

4. The day I waited so long for Jeremy to become came!YES SKINNY JEREMY!

5. Turned 21 which was just a number to me and I'm happy because it's my birthday, the day I receive more special love, attention and gifts :) I don't understand the significance actually, adulthood is in how mature your mind is.

6. Joined Danzation!

7. More bonding time with the family line.8. ATE MORE GOOD FOOD!9. Survived Jeremy's Vietnam and Taiwan trip.10. Had my first flea experience and finally rid my wardrobe of unwanted clothes and accessories.11. Learnt to cherish what I have before really losing it. 12. Had better friendships with friends. 13. Got to know bitches but thank gawd they don't tamper with my life. Just my self-righteousness acting and feel like slapping them.14. Good daily skin care regime.15. Did more shopping. (Bought too much basics)16. More open-hearted. 17. And the most crucial of all! SURVIVED MY FIRST UOL EXAM! It was a hell process, going through it again this year but Ima make it better.

What failed:1. Money saving.2. Healthy lifestyle.3. Cooking.4. Timeliness and Punctuality.

ONTO 2014!Resolutions:1. Start on yoga sessions.2. Driving license.3. Save some money every month.4. Healthy lifestyle.5. Start some cooking going.6. Resist cutting my fringe.7. Sleeping early everyday.8. Brain nourishment9. Timeliness and punctuality10. Work on a better self, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend, a better employee, a better student, a better lover :)And hopefully I can take part in a dance production again this year too!

It's going to be quite life-changing in 2014 because after I finish exam in May, I have to consider ACCA/SQP and working on a full-time basis. Going to step into the real world soon.
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