Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Filmmakers and Creators Respond to 'Her' and the Question of Modern Love in This Thoughtful Short Film

WHY WATCH? Sharing your life with somebody. Science fiction aside, that's what Spike Jonze's HER is all about, and in this talking head doc, creatives like Marc Maron, Charlene Yi and Olivia Wilde answer the difficult question of how we view love in a world with smart phones in hand.

HER: LOVE IN THE MODERN AGE is a fantastic, thought-provoking short film, but it's also the kind of thing that should be made for dozens of movies every year -- responses that replace the lobby and end up online to create an even larger conversation. Ultimately, it's such a gargantuan concept that every entry here feels like a grain of sand trying to describe the beach, and that provides an intrinsic element of frustration. You might find yourself irritated with or angry at some of the conclusions that these people come to about love, but its those differences that propel and reveal the labyrinthine complexity of something that is boiled down to chemicals and placed on a pedestal above all others.

Funny how a conversation about love ends up creating an open door to human frailty and failing.

WHAT WILL IT COST? About 15 minutes.
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