Monday, January 6, 2014

Why I hate Plastic Bottles

I don't dislike plastic beverage (water) bottles for the same reasons most people hate them, I do moderately recycle, I'm not concerned about saving landfills, I'm not too concerned about toxins they may contain as part of the material DNA, I'm not really motivated about getting a nickel back from each bottle I take to a recycle center even though these are all good reason not to indorse plastic bottles, my reason for this bitterness is people do not really know how to use them when drinking and this has become so clear to me while trying to enjoy my yoga practice, that's right yoga has brought this abuse to my attention. The plastic bottle was designed to hold liquid so you can enjoy the liquid when you are ready to drink, but here is where I get irritated .You do not need to "squeeze" the dam bottle to get the liquid out and into your body, "gravity" will allow as much liquid as you can handle at any one time to enter your mouth. "Do Not" squeeze the plastic bottle the noise is like finger nails on a chalk board, don't do it, show some manners, some class, don't be a pig, hold up the bottle and let gravity drain as much beverage as you desire. Squeezing doesn't accomplish anything, nada amigo! Drink with class and everyone will appreciate it and not to mention you won't disrupt my personal meditation time and we both can be in a Zen like state of bliss, Namaste.

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