Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Try It Tuesday #2


This week has been lovely.With the holiday bustle far in my wake now, I have had a chance to catch up on chores, television shows, and reading.I feel very spoiled and abundant in getting to wake up and do what nourishes my soul and body every day.Tomorrow, after 2 sumptuous snow days to delay our semester, I will be re-entering my real world.Here's what I've been up to in regards to my first resolution.

Tried & Keeping

1. Update: Murad Redness Relief Calming Serum

2. Erin Motz's 10 day yoga Ab Challenge3. Starting the day off with back stretch and strengthening exercises.When I get back to work tomorrow, I'll be starting off my workouts with this rather than the day.No back troubles, though, for the past week!4. Homemade Oats.I've never made them from scratch before.They took 30-40minutes.But on my second snow day, it was the perfect cooking experiment toconduct in between cleaning drapes and reading A Fine Balance.


1. Bex's 30 day Sugar Detox: Day 2 here I come!

2. Update: Physique 57 Workout A.This wore me out at the prescribed 57 minute length.I do not have that kind of stamina when it comes to cardio workouts.I can get my butt in gear for hour long yoga workouts, but an hour of this barre workout had me sweating, gasping, and cranky.And cranky is the opposite of how I want to feel after a workout.

This go round, I just did every exercise 1 time and dropped the repeats.This gotmy workout in at 35 minutes, and I felt much better about it.

Tried & Tossing

Entering every single. contest. ever.A lesson that I am still learning to embrace is the faith that the universe will provide for me what I need when I need it.While this does .not. change my work ethic, my planning and list making. ha! what could, or my innate desire to take care of myself, it does help me by putting the universe back on my side rather than something I am working against.

It is so easy to think I am not lucky because I never win any contest I ever enter.Rather, I accept that someone needed that prize more than I did or I would have gotten it.Instead of feeling like I'm pushing a boulder up a mountain and alone and bitter, I feel grateful that the universe has my back.

This morning The Kind Life posted a Vegan Cleanse Giveaway.I love winning contests!Who doesn't?It is the ultimate elation and support from the universe!

I am not the least bit interested in a vegan cleanse.In the past, that would not have stopped me from initiating a question of validation from myself to the big grand universe out there.Am I lucky?Do you care about me?

Now I find little signs scattered along my path to let me know I am loved and cared for.When the hubs and I get the primo parking spot with a trunk full of groceries, I think sweet!The universe is watching out for me!While I rarely get this coveted of all spots any other time at my apartment complex, we almost always .do. get it when we have groceries.

Thank you universe, for knowing even when I don't what I need and providing it.
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