Friday, January 3, 2014

Today Was a Good Day.

Someone once told me, "inch by inch: life's a cinch--yard by yard: life is hard," and I'm really taking this saying to heart. It's almost like the intro to Circa's The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose, "Move one inch at a time..." and if Anthony Green gets it, then I sure as hell need to get it!

Anyhoo, today has been great! Well, great in the way that most people use the word "great" meaning: it didn't suck.

First I woke up to series of alarms that didn't actually happen to be alarms, but my phone screaming at me that my mom was calling, and I knew exactly why she was calling (I had a dr app), and because I knew exactly why she was calling, I decided to ignore to her and my dr. app, and pointedly make a point by sleeping in till 10:30. Which only landed me in more trouble when I seen her about an hour ago. I'm kind of tired of sitting in waiting rooms and then on that crunchy paper, because crunchy paper is annoying and ultimately puts me in a crunchy mood, and I'm trying hard to avoid the crunchy mood phase for awhile! So I think I really started my day off great by not going to that appointment! Instead I drove to my Amiga Aarica's house and picked her up so we could sign her up for the gym; I need a buddy. And after we got all that taken care of we went to the food court in the mall and ate Subway foot longs, because who eats a 6 inch and gets full?

And we sat at the "Circle" because that's where we always sit! I like the chairs because they're pretty high and your feet dangle, the way they do when we're little and our legs are too short to touch the ground.

And I took this picture of myself at the circle and was amazed, like I always am, at how terrible my hair was combed, and how Aarica could let me out in public in my ever lasting state of hoboness.

And we ate our trio deals like the champs we are!

And of course I got tuna & swiss with jalape os, and it gave me heartburn about 20 minutes later, but it was totally worth it!

Then after I went to my mom's house to relax on her couch and watch her tv and mooch off her internet, even though I have all those things at home, I was just too lazy to drive back. Especially because I was going on a date with my Billy Boo!

Those two AMC tickets came in handy in our movie venture! I provided the tickets and ride, and Billy provided the refreshments, which ends up coming out to being like equal because movie theater food is a flippen ripoff!

We saw Frozen. I loved it. Every part of it. Would I go as far as saying it's the best Disney movie since The Lion King? Probably not, but amazing none the less.

Afterwards we hit Wiernerschnizel and had some greasy goodness while reminiscing about our middle/high school days, and all the things we had been through together, and all the friends we had lost, and the ones that we kept but never see. And like so often, I was thankful for still having this beautiful friend beside me, because dang, we've been through a bunch! And even though we've went months sometimes without a word, it never feels like a day has passed when we get to have days like today.

I went to visit my mom after I dropped, Billy, off and it was then that she gave me her infamous Stink Eye and scolded me for missing my very important "physical" and I just rolled my eyes and promised I would make it to my next appointment, only I didn't mention that I haven't set up a next appointment, and probably won't for as long as I can help it.

It was after that, that I ended up here: My Favorite Place in the World.

And while I was browsing the journal section I happened across this gem and was like, "Holy Moly! I need this!" But I really don't need it because I have like 7 physical journals to go along with my virtual one. And that just makes me greedy in the way of journals, but that cover quote was spot on.

And because I am, who I am, I bought two new books and some Starbucks, even though I don't need to be drinking so much caffeine, I'm here drinking it anyways. Admiring my new friends. Hoping they will be great, and I'm sure they will, but I doubt I'll have the time tonight to find out. If I try I know I'll end up falling asleep around 5 or 6 am and be a disaster at work tomorrow, and I really need to stop being a disaster at work. Tomorrow has to be another good day.

Inch by inch, Robyn: INCH BY INCH!!!
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