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Tandava's Guide to the Zone--2013-14--Part III: New Year's Day 7pm to Jan 2nd 9am

And we are at the home stretch of thechannel's New Year'smarathon, featuring episodes to be aired on to be aired onfrom 7pm New Year's Day through 9:00am January 2nd.

This list continues from (New Year's Eve, 8:00 AM through midnight) and (midnight New Year's Day through 7pm).

First is the short list including the current , my personal favorites, and other noteworthy episodes.

So, the categories are:

(1) EPISODES ON THE TIME TOP 10 LIST - These are the acknowledged classics - in red.

(2) MY PERSONAL FAVORITE EPISODES - These are underrated gems with strong scripts and beautiful performances - in green.

(3) EPISODES WORTH WATCHING - These have flawed scripts or execution, but often have strong performances and/or ideas - in blue.

Happily, several of my favorites which were missing from last year's have returned, and will be aired in this final leg, such as: "," (1/2 8:00 AM) followed by "" (1/2 8:30 AM)But beauties like "," "" are still not on the list. We should be grateful that at least they had the sense to cut "."

And, as with last year, Part III still has many goodies worth setting time aside for.

Enjoy - and happy 2014!!



- A Game Of Pool

- Kick The Can

- To Serve Man

- The Dummy

- Nightmare At 20,000 Feet

- Living Doll

- The Masks

- Mr. Dingle, The Strong

- Long Distance Call

- Two

- The Grave

- Night Call

-A Quality Of Mercy

-Nothing In The Dark


7:00 PM - A GAME OF POOL -

An excellent way to begin the final leg of the marathon: This taut two-person drama explores winning and losing, and what's really important in the game of life. Fine performances by(who passed in 2012) and(who passed this last spring). Not crazy about the end, though; the real (and better) ending was done in the .

7:30 PM - DEAD MAN'S SHOES - Bum dons dead gangster's wing-tips and finds himself stepping into the thug's revenge-thirsty ex-life. You might feel bad for the bum if you find yourself caring about anything in this one.

8:00 PM - KICK THE CAN - Timeless story about rest home residents learning that you are indeed as young as you feel. "Look! Think! Feel! Doesn't that wake some sleeping part of you?!"

8:30 PM - TO SERVE MAN - Aliens come to earth offering solutions to all the world's woes; their trouble-entendre mission: "To serve man." An undisputed classic, #8 on the list.

9:00 PM - THE DUMMY -as a troubled ventriloquist whose creepy dummy will simply not stay in the box.

9:30 PM - I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC - Sweet story about a robot nanny lovingly bonding with tots.

10:00 PM - NIGHTMARE AT 20,000 FEET - "There's a man out on the wing!!" at his whiteknuckle best. #6 on the list.

10:30 PM - LIVING DOLL - "My name is Talky Tina - and you'd better be nice to me!" takes on 's creepy voiced doll. This one gave me nightmares. #1 on the list.

11:00 PM - THE MASKS - One of the GREAT underrated episodes, and the only TZ episode to be directed by a woman,(she also stars in "" 8:30 AM 12/31 ... hope you caught it! ). A crusty millionaire geezer tells his greedy family he will die before Mardi Gras is over - but they must wear freaky custom masks through the evening if they want to claim their inheritance. Gives the term "know thyself" new meaning....

11:30 PM - THE BEWITCHIN' POOL - Worst. Episode. Ever. So bad it is actually worth watching in a sort of way... Even 's Oscar-nominatedcouldn't save this dismal excuse for a story. Spoiled brats escape manipulative divorcing parents by finding their way to SuperGrandma via an enchanted pool. Now, if Grandma dumped the tots in an oven, then we might have a story....

12:00 AM - I AM THE NIGHT-COLOR ME BLACK - Murderous bigotry, hatred, and fear are bad things. OK. We get it.

12:30 AM - MR. DINGLE, THE STRONG - Loud-mouthed salesman pisses away alien gifts on trivial feats. Worth watching for an adorable and amusing (and very young) .

1:00 AM - LONG DISTANCE CALL - Creepy dead grandma wants her favorite grandson to be with her forever, and conveys her wishes via a toy phone. (Now if only-TZ's favorite child actor - could wish her into the cornfield!) Nice performance by as the kid's dad.

1:30 AM - THE RIP VAN WINKLE CAPER - It's with suspended animation and blah writing. Good performances and a fun twist at the end make it sort of worth watching.

2:00 AM - TWO -Apocalypse survivors and approach each other warily in this sparsely written, beautifully acted episode.

2:30 AM - THE GRAVE - Spooky old west tale of a dare gone bad, featuring a handsome, raw and a posturing .

3:00 AM - THE OLD MAN IN THE CAVE - Confused story set in a post-apocalyptic future of 1974 (!!!). Town listens to the "old man" until soldiers tell them not to be superstitious - and it doesn't work out well for anyone. What's the message? Don't trust your own perceptions? Ugh. Only worth watching for a young .

3:30 AM - NIGHT CALL - Originally called "Sorry Right Number," this careful-what-you- wish-for tale features calls from beyond and a beautiful performance by . It has also been recycled as .

4:00 AM - RING-A-DING GIRL - Medium episode about movie star returning to her home town and throwing a "celebrate me" performance of her one-woman show - competing with the town's annual picnic. Is this a diva craving attention, or is something else going on? Even though it's not great, I always find myself watching this one all the way through.

4:30 AM - STOPOVER IN A QUIET TOWN - At least it was quiet until this nattering couple woke up in a strange house with no memory of how they got there, and no one to ask where they are, or why the grass is made of papier-m ch . And if they'd shut up for two seconds, we just might care....


8:00 AM - A QUALITY OF MERCY - In WWII Philippines brash Lieutenant learns to walk a mile in the other guy's army boots. Good performances all around, plus a pre-Spock in a bit part.

8:30 AM - NOTHING IN THE DARK - Aging tries to keep Death at bay by shutting her door - until angelically beautiful ROBERT REDFORD shows up. I guarantee, it's not his acting that convinces her to open up..... Worth watching for her nuanced performance - and his mesmerizing good looks!
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