Thursday, January 9, 2014

starting with the man with a mirror

Here above are three images following a previous theme of reflection, I've always been fond of light shadow and directional lines. with these aspects in mind i have been thinking of trying to find a way of incorporating the things i enjoy into one image or a series of images, using reflective materials to capture lines and shadow. I've been following a gentleman on Instagram mainly because i find him attractive, after seeing the first image in the above set i messaged gennaro (Instagram: gfing ) he sent me the originals via email so i had a higher quality to work with when closing in on the sunglass lens of my choosing with very little pixelating to diminish the image. i felt it was also good to ask his permission to use the image i was fond of which also led to the generosity of him giving me a few more that went with the same theme

these three images being the end result close ups of the sun glass lens that i think have the most interesting reflections

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