Monday, January 6, 2014

Sony announces Oculus Rift virtual reality headset competitor

Tom Cheredar/VentureBeat

Sony Entertainment president Mike Fasulo briefly shows off the company's new virtual reality headset.

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Movie watchers and gamers who just like enjoy their content alone may like Sony's latest product: a new virtual reality headset.

The HMZ-T3Q has a virtual screen that reaches up to 750 inches. And yes, it looks exactly like a virtual reality helmet. It sits on top your head like a coal-miner's headlamp and covers your eyes in your own private cinematic-world.

"The head-mounted display is a theater on your head," said Michael Fasulo, Sony Electronic's president and chief operating officer, during his keynote at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

The headset is always aware your own movements as well -- a plus for gaming. It knows when and where you turn your head and allows you to then focus in on that scene.

Sony's headset is completely portable, according to Fasulo, and is a good swap for spaces where a large television just doesn't make sense. During the presentation, Sony showed pictures of a man wearing the headset on an airplane.

The company is competing with the , a virtual reality headset that focuses primarily on gaming. The Rift also promises a 3D-playing experience and the same head-tracking with what it promises to be low latency. The Rift also has a screen that reaches a "110 degree field of view."

The company seemingly introduced a lot of competing products today including its own GoPro-like action camera and a .
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